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What's the Deal With Deathloop?

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What's Good Games: A Video Game Podcast
Last Played: June 01, 2021
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Check out this preview of Deathloop, the stylish first-person murder puzzle game. In Deathloop, you play as an assassin, tasked to take out eight targets spaced throughout time with nothing but your wits and a whole lot of guns.. The game is also funny, which is rare in video games, especially games this much murder. Overall, Deathloop is a fun and intriguing game with a lot to offer players who like a challenge.
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the next game. Not as all ages friend, not as family friendly. It's in the title. Yes. Death Loop. So let's talk about our canes upcoming murder puzzle game because that's what they called it. Starmer said it's all in the name and she's right. Death Loop is the game I'm going to be talking about next. So big thank you to Bethesda for inviting me to check out this game in their preview event. Um this was a hands off demo for me. So unlike knockout city, which I got to get hands on time with. This was a game where they showed us some B roll, which I'm going to show you guys here and I didn't get to play. So still no hands on time with death loop for me. But we did get a nice meaty look at gameplay which you guys are seeing of course at youtube dot com slash what's good game. So just as a refresher, Death Loop um is a game about time but not on a timer. Is the quote that I got from the team at our came, they are calling it a murder puzzle game and it's obviously in first person perspective, if you've seen any of the gameplay and they're also calling it a stylish first person shooter where you play an assassin trapped in a time loop. So you have to take down all of your targets in a single loop across four times a day, four time Periods and four Districts. So you're gonna be jumping around these time periods and times of day to kind of figure out where your targets are, when to try to line up Your eight targets to take them down in a single day in order to kind of solve the loop. And you as a character are aware of the loop. Other characters in the game are aware of the loop and it's really just about figuring out how can you approach your targets to make sure you're successful and also finding where your targets are. That's part of the puzzle is like figuring out like where in the world your target is, and at what time of day are they going to appear in a position where you're actually going to be able to assassinate them because you might see them, but they might not be in a position where you can actually take them out. So I think it's really interesting what they're doing here, potentially really innovative, but there was just kind of left with a lot of questions that unfortunately didn't get answered. There was a brief Q and a session during the presentation that I went to um but I didn't get the chance to get any of my questions answered, which I was really disappointed in. So um I know some of you had submitted questions mitch Craftsman, you had submitted a question about the online option, which I'll get to in just a second. Didn't get an answer to that either, which was kind of a bummer. But um, you know, we did get a healthy look at gameplay and so the gameplay looks great if you've played any of our canes games, obviously they're most known for the dishonored, but they also have a series called pray as well. Um, and some other stuff. So I think the game looks super stylish. So it's kind of like this sixties time period and it's got a lot of flare and I really like that about the game. It's funny, a lot of the dialogue options are super funny and I think that you guys will definitely appreciate them and, and have a good time with the game and it's definitely funnier than I anticipated and funnier than anything arcane is done before. And I think we get so few comedy games, particularly games that have this much murder in that this much Murder, Yes, so much Murder. Um that I think that it's going to be really kind of interesting to see people's reactions to how the narrative is going. So in the game, the idea Is that you hunt down eight visionaries from four time periods. You're going to pick up these things called artifacts along the way that will modify your weapon in a variety of crazy ways and you can kind of take your time um, between each target to kind of figure out what your next move is, which I like that. It's not unlike a majority mask kind of dining situation. You will keep your weapons and abilities between loops but not everything at first. So you're going to have to earn this currency in the game called Presidium and that will be used to permanently permanently unlock your favorite upgrades between loops. So as you die and you lose some of your stuff, some of your upgrades you'll lose, but you can earn a way to permanently unlock them. So the progression system wasn't quite clear to me. I've asked for some clarification on how the progression system works because they had said, hey, you keep your weapons and abilities, but I was like, but now you're telling me that I have to earn this currency to get the unlocks. And so I unfortunately don't have any more details for you guys about how that's going to work. Hopefully we'll find out from arcane soon.
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