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David Strausser speaks with Simon about the "wow" factor
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that's that's amazing. That sounds like a lot of fun though, because you're definitely working with a lot of cool tech companies, right? I do software companies and professional services consultancy fees and agencies. You know, one of the things we do professional services with my day job. And it's kind of cool because it's one of those things too where if a customer can dream it, you know, we can build it for them with our platforms and our software and it's really kind of cool and satisfying what you're in that type of a position. I think to me it's exactly at the intersection of art and science and that's what keeps me absolutely interested and I love doing this because you know, there's the numerical side, go to market, it's about market shares, closed deals, size of the deals, how many deals in the pipeline, How many close this week? That's the numerical part. But then there is the the art part. How to enhance relationships in the B two B conversation, How to become a trusted partner, an educator, a challenger. Somebody that brings value whenever we come together. How can we make that a moment that sparks magic And that creates value and solves problems. That's cool. Oh yeah, no, it's great. It's great. And it's really funny that you you say that because literally up until this morning, I didn't really think of art plus technology with the creative portion of what we did. I mean I thought of it as creativity and stuff, but not necessarily art up until this morning about two hours before we talked, I was like, wow, it is art and that's because they got that new show on netflix about the people who created uh what was the Terror Vision, which was essentially almost like I guess google maps before google maps was And uh you know their company, it's called the billion dollar code. Their company was uh you know, I think it was called Art plus Tom for art and technology essentially is what they were doing in the 90s. And it was really cool because watching this, it really kind of worked my mind to where for the first time I I kind of was really seeing art speak through technology, you know from that aspect, it just, I don't know, it's just like a little little shift where I just started looking at things a little bit differently is to me there is nothing that is really not art and science. If you every craft, every human endeavor has a numerical side, a technical technical side and a relationship side is always humans creating something for humans solving something for humans. No street has ever been built without humans. Humans are building streets, solving problems and creating wonderful things. Well, I mean, if you get back to ancient times, apparently aliens built it all. But that's a that's a discussion for another podcast. Right, Simon, there are better experts of that than me. Yeah, I want to get the guy that has poofy hair on here, I forget his name. But I'm trying to get a bond. The guy who says everything. It was aliens. You know, you've seen the mean. Probably. So one of the things you do is you work with tech companies, professional service companies and you work with go to market strategies and one of your speaking topics that you had, I, I really thought was pretty cool is how to shorten the path to, wow. What can you explain that a little bit for us? Yes. So when you think of sales, most people think of the beginning of their relationship and how they can close now, it should really not be called closing because it's an opening. It's, it's an intensification really. It's, hey, let's commit to build something together. Let's put in some skin in the game. Both have risks and let's do something, let's solve the problem or let's build something valuable. That's the beginning of the relationship and that's a lot of effort and it costs the cost of acquisition at the beginning. Our highest. Now if you think what happens then then delivery and Upsell cross sell retain mint that has a much lower cost of acquisition, much lower effort. It's much easier to do. So what we help our clients do is create some really good retain mint systems up selling system that increase the lifetime value of your clients, which is much cheaper to do. You don't need any marketing, You don't need any risky things and it's easier to do. How can you system eyes that? And the technique that we have developed is take your wow moment. Let's say you work with somebody for three months in months to in month three. There is this magic happening, wow. I worked with these guys and then my costs went down 25% or my sales went up 50%. That's the wow moment.