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Robby Switzer speaks with David Strausser about the best platforms to advertise on
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so there are a lot of places that people can put ads, whether it's youtube facebook instagram, twitter um google, you know amazon, I mean there's a ton of places for most businesses, I mean were they going to get their biggest bang for a buck? So that's a really interesting question because we feel like it's shifting um for a long time, we were like all about facebook and instagram and it's still a very big core service that we provide, but definitely looping back to google, like google was a big thing uh several years ago becoming pretty big again um and then a Tiktok now like the algorithm, some of our clients they stuff out and there's just a certain viral itty about it where they're getting really good returns on the the ad spin that we're putting into that platform, There's discussion of like a lot more, but I think that the theme kind of going into 2022 here and potentially beyond is um you know, really making sure that you're not just focused on one channel 11 track source so more than ever, I feel like it takes showing up everywhere as opposed to just trying to be a one trick pony. Yeah, yeah, I've seen that, you know, I'll go from google to facebook to you know, twitter and it's like wow, I got the same at stalking me, I think they're trying to send me a message like by me or something um but yeah, it's got so crazy that I recently was like okay I am, I'm just gonna download the more privacy centric brave browser and I've been using that the stop a little bit of the tracking because you know, I'm a shopaholic, you know, they keep putting ads in front of me that are totally relevant and then I end up buying all this junk that is kind of cool and that I like, but I don't really need it. So it was kind of a way of me just stepping in and stopping the compulsive purchasing totally. And I think a lot of people are in that same boat, which is making our job a lot more difficult, but I mean we're not, we're not bitter about that, but there's been a lot of moves toward privacy, look at everything that Apple did. Um, you know, some things that facebook is doing and for us, uh, it's difficult. It provides a lot of challenges for us and how we're attributing sales to the things we're doing, really conveying the value of what we do to our clients, but it's also providing us an opportunity to let things get shaken up a little bit and then we're so committed that we know we're gonna be able to find, you know, the best way to report everything the best way to scale everything. Um, but for us right now it's actually, we're having to do some pretty wild things to be able to do what we do effectively. Right, right, right, understood. So one of the last questions I wanted to ask you then is how do you scale an e commerce site? Okay. We got a lot of people out there that during the pandemic, they kicked off their own e commerce business, e commerce site us, for example, we have our own coffee brand, dead house coffee. Okay, how do you scale up from 10,000 month to a million a month and you know, scale up to 56 or even seven figures? The name of the game again is changing and it is much less about finding one thing that works and that you can just throw all of your budget toward and scaled up and more about omnipresence and really figuring out, you know, what is my strategy, not just for facebook and instagram, but for facebook and instagram, Tiktok Youtube google and the