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Who are Sheriff? They will play Real Madrid?

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Vince Tracy Football Podcasts
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@RobDaniels joined @vincetracy discussed Jimmy Greaves RIP #SaintandGreavsie #MarcusRashford #SocialMediaf #GCSEMediaStudies #Barcelona #Carabao Cup #Liverpool gave opportunities to three teenagers
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@RobDaniels joined @vincetracy discussed Jimmy Greaves RIP and his legacy with #SaintandGreavsie.We then discussed #MarcusRashford and his #SocialMedia activity as part of #GCSEMediaStudies. We looked at the difficulties at #Barcelona and then looked at the intricacies of the #Carabao Cup where #Live
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What weren't there actually? I'm just looking down the list at the moment. I haven't actually seen them all that QPR too evident to at the end of 90 minutes. Cooper beat Everton 8 7 on penalties. A lot of penalties. I'll watch this after we've spoken actually because looking down the list there were a lot of penalty shootout. It was interesting. I actually saw this as a last night that Manu lost against West. I am, didn't they? Now that was interesting because quite frankly, um I watched the league game and I thought that in the Premier League they did uh they didn't have a very close game and near the end um Noble mr penalty for West aim. So you know, Carrie on especially we'll go into that when we speak about it. He came on specialist take it didn't he did. Now we will talk about that because that's becoming a little bit of a talking point. So we'll come back to that later. Um Now we've talked about cowboys in some of the spanish teams and that you've actually got the Sheriff to talk about now, haven't you? Yes. Well then, so I was looking down at the Champions League matches which we we've had the first Champions League matches in the group stages. But we've got the next one's coming up next week. And I noticed that the team called Sheriff that playing away against Real Madrid. They're playing in Madrid next week. I thought it's an unusual names tough up. I've never heard of before. I'll look them up. I'll find out who they are now. It turns out that this team is an extremely unusual team. It's the first time they've ever got to the Champions League League stages, group stages. But they're actually from that they're part of the moldovan League. Okay. Now bottled over is one of these countries that when the soviet union split up became a separate country. But this team Sheriff is from a breakaway country from Moldova and they actually call themselves transit transitory, transitory, I think they call themselves, but it's basically on the um well the oven Ukrainian border and it's a breakaway country. Were not recognized by any other country in the world. They are the only country which still has the Hammer and Sickle on their national flag. Their national flag is a red band at the top, a green band in the middle, a red band at the bottom and the hammer and sickle in yellow at the top left hand corner. And what the this breakaway country is, It's run by two ex KGB agent Who started this breakaway country in 1993 I think it was and they decided to call themselves sheriff. And they are the only football team in the whole of that region that can actually afford to play to pay professional footballers. They've got an international standard stadium, how can they be part of you EFA. If nobody recognizes the country because they're part of mold over the part of the moldovan lead vince that's that that is um it's not how they get away with it. They're part of the moldovan lei which is recognized by FIFA but they don't recognize themselves as being part of the country mold over. But they think it's a very small state but a very wealthy state. But this company sheriff, it's a company and it's run by this to ex KGB guys. They have elections from time to time and there's always 100% turnout and there's only one party unfold which is their party but they they run the whole of this little country and they've got supermarket chains, they've got gas stations, they've got burger chains, they they've got bread factories. They basically run the whole show but it's based along the old fashioned communist lines. Um It's a very, very unusual situation in the sense that this team has actually got through to the Champions League playoffs or the Champions League League stages. It's the first time that any teams from that league has actually got through. Have you looked at the have you looked at the badge? Yeah, it's a Sheriff's badge. That's okay. Yeah, they these guys. Well the ex KGB agents, shall we say. So they don't they chose the name obviously the name in Russian and is written differently but you have got the sheriff's badges there. So they don't have they don't have a bench, they just have deputies. Yeah, exactly the deputy, that kind of thing that they run the whole show they run the listen listen more to explain the more that you're telling me this, the more I am seeing images of us watching football with chinese adverts that we don't understand and asian adverts that we don't understand was in round on the hoardings board. It's no wonder nobody's objecting to them if it's a communist country and it's uh maybe if it's run by uh some hardline communists. Okay, look, I'd better not get too deep wave base. An ex KGB agents vince, shall we say whether or not the communists or not, but their ex KGB, they don't mess about, you don't fly the hammer and sickle unless you've got some connection with the Communist Party. So what about this other story you've got for me which is to do with Sarin army. All right, sorry. I'm yeah, now we've just spoken about the mole sheriff and mold over now. We often talk a part of our conversations are about the world of football and how it affects general life and things like that. Now Suriname is an ex dutch colony, the northeast of South America and their vice president is a guy called Ronnie brunch Vich is called. Um and he he's basically he's a politician, a businessman. He's an ex bank robert is an ex guerilla. He is wanted by Interpol for all sorts of different things. However, he decided that he owns a football team. He's 16 years old. He owns a football team there and it's called into Mongol Opie. And they were playing in the Concacaf, which is the South American version of the Champions League. They were playing against the team against called Olympic from Honduras a couple of days ago, Hondurans 161 or six Neville That this guy is 60 years old and he decided to put himself on the picture first time has actually played professional role in his life because he can do because he's the vice president because he owns that. He owns the club, he can do what he wants. And he put himself on the pitch uh With his son and he managed to play 50 for about 53 minutes, which isn't bad for a six year old man is it? But he's unable to play the return match because he can't leave Suriname because he's wanted by Interpol for drug trafficking crimes. Okay, so we're talking about. That's a serious shenanigans if you like. But when we talk about the things that go on in european football, we've just spoken about eastern european football. Now we're speaking about South American football. Um he's well known, he's well known as a controversial character as he is wanted by Interpol. Apparently he's got about 50 Children. Um but now he decided to put himself on the pitch at the age of 60 years old and has become the oldest player to actually play in the South american champion version of the Champions League. He's called Ronnie. Uh Ronnie Brunswick is called uh a very colorful character that I would say not the sort of man you want to mess with. It would be definitely a good candidate for the G C S E in media studies for me. Okay, well, thanks for that. Let's get back to a little bit more, shall we say, down to earth football and there's all sorts happening in la liga. So la liga roundup coming from rob, here he comes, Ravens. Yeah, well, getting back down. Some other things that we know about the leader this week. They've had two matches they played at the weekend and now they are playing the second match because they've always got to play catch up in the in the UK there, the Caribou Cup. But at the moment it Barcelona are looking very shaky. Rel Madrid played last night and Real Madrid slaughtered um york last night 61, I didn't watch that much because he didn't kick off until 10 o'clock and that was a bit late for me to watch. But I saw the result last night when it came in and Real Madrid going really, really well As our severe, you beat Valencia 3 1. Um El Tree. I'm not doing too badly to be honest here. Well out of the relegation position still tonight, we've got cabinets against Barcelona. Now that is going to be a crunch match for Barcelona because they're well down the table at the moment. Barcelona, they've got a couple of matches in hand, but they're only in eighth place. So um she saw all up for grabs, but at the moment, Real Madrid, the top played six matches, got 16 points, I thought 106 matches, 14 points seven year on 11 will ensure on 10. Um but then Barcelona it for matches on eight points down to the bottom. We've got we've got they've lost all them actually, so far, 55 losses in a row, five losses are six losses in a row. But actually, Granada out looking to with this season either. But yeah, la liga is starting title but I'm told I tom between relevant, to be honest at the moment, but uh we'll give you a few more matches so it works out well. And one of one of my sons Andrew went to see Valencia play Rail Madrid and obviously I've chatted to him about the game Real Madrid only came good in the last part of the game about the last five minutes, didn't they? So that obviously shows that
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