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Why Ed and Greg Ehrbar Love Betty White

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TV Confidential
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Last Played: January 04, 2022
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Join hosts Ed and Greg Ehrbar in "Why We Love Betty White," part of the "TV Confidential" podcast. The two discuss the various reasons why Betty White is such an icon.
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disposable personalities who come and go. She has been a constant, and she's always delivered total. And even if she is doing a game show or a guest appearance on the top, she always delivers the best possible performance. And and you can't help but love her. The other thing about Betty White that I I There's two people who I think are good examples of how you want to be as a person and in business. Jack Benny and Betty White Jack Benny always got the best out of his people and always gave the funny lines to his people because he knew it would make him look good. He wasn't insecure about it, and he was very generous, and he managed things the way everyone should manage things. And Betty White always worked because I've never heard anything to the contrary. She's on time. She knows her line. She never causes trouble. She's a joy to be around. And there's an electric company DVD set were Skip Hinnant talks about the second season when they were casting a new actor, and he said it was down to two actors, Luis Avalos and another actor who was in some ways more experienced and a little bit maybe a little bit better, he said. But we thought, Who do we want to be cooped up for 20 hours a day in a dark studio with Louise or this other guy? And I said Luis was the sweetest guy in the world. He was really talented. That's who we picked. Luis Avalos just passed away recently. I know, and he was another person who is really underrated. He everything he did, he did fantastically. He was a good, dramatic actor character actor, and he was very funny and episodes of like The Jeffersons. When when George had the box a guy and he had a short lived series that I really liked. Oh gosh, was it 18 Queens Boulevard, I think with Jerry Van Dyke. I think 13. Yeah, he was, He was. He was the kind of actor that you would have loved to see on a regular sitcom, but it just never happened for him. But again, he I've discovered this a lot since since I moved down here. Greg, is that you know, the the image in the industry is that it's cutthroat, and there is a certain amount of that going on, whether whether you're based in Los Angeles or wherever you are. But more often than not people down people in the inner industry I have found live by the golden rule. And you just, uh you just gave us a couple examples of that not only with Louise Avalos, but also with Betty White. It's just and again that, you know, I think you're right. I think that does speak to her longevity because the person you see on television is basically the essence of who she is off camera. Yes, and and interestingly, in this little documentary, you find out that those two series she she was part owner of them. She ran. She was kind of a showrunner and kind of a producer before women got those titles. So she was running things. But you don't see your running around saying that she was doing that. She just isn't that it is in her nature. And I'll bet when she was running things, she didn't do it in an iron fisted way. She may have had to stand up, and maybe in a another way, get get what she needed. But you can do it you can. You can do those things and not have to always resort to or never have to resort to being abusive or cruel. I met her very, very briefly. This is about five years ago, our mutual friends to show Stack was one of the people behind the game show Congress down here in Los Angeles, which was, you know, for about eight or 10 years. It was an annual convention for fans of game shows and people who put together Game Show's producers hosts, um, and and and so forth. And the last one they held was in the fall of 2009, and they honored Bob Stewart, Jeff Edwards and Allen Ludden. And Betty White accepted the award for Allen Ludden and what I remember, she closed her remarks by saying, Thank you for remembering my guy. And and you could just tell that even though Allen had Allen left us close to 20 years ago, I think he was still alive in her heart and again, even though she's done many things. Mary Tyler Moore Show Golden Girls, now hot in Cleveland. A part of me always thinks of her in in Tanna with Al Inland. Yeah, because she was a staple of game shows and she was among the all time best players, even to the two now when they had the password. The new password. Regis Philbin. It was the most riveting moment on that show when she was playing because there was no kidding around. She wanted that contestant to win. She just threw her whole heart and soul even physically, into winning that for the contestant. Rosemary said the same thing when she was on her program a couple years ago. She said, Yes, if you do wanna show like Hollywood Squares where you have an opportunity to cut up a little bit.
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