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Why Educators Must Be Storytellers

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Writer and speaker Deepak Ramola explains why he thinks all educators should be storytellers. According to Ramola, humans are a storytelling species: it's what we do all the time. So to be an effective communicator, an educator must be something of a raconteur—able to take their audience on a journey with them.
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the park, I know your excitement and I heard you speak more than one. You know, you kind of mesmerized people and you are of the firm belief that an educator has to be a storyteller share with us. Why and every educator or a passionate educator should be a storyteller, wow, that's a great question. I think just the mere fact that we as human beings, that's what we do all the time and by do I mean we live and tell stories whether we do it consciously or you know subconsciously, but we all when we are narrating to a friend, what happened over lunch, when we are telling in a class, how Einstein you know, discovered a whole theory or a mechanism or when we are discovering, you know how the tectonic plates shifting a geography class, we all are telling stories and I think the world now lives in such a factual news oriented three, you know, seconds attention span uh sort of a world that we do need storytellers who are great rack renters who can weave and take you on these small journeys. Um so that you can draw your own conclusions. I think what I love about storytellers who are effective and who are articulate is that they allow you to draw your own perspectives and conclusions from it even before they can tell you what the model of the story is. And I think the more storytellers we have seen the g I think it allows for us to be able to transcend the stereotypes that are linked to often Data from one point. Uh and I think there's a beautiful quote, I once read that in the end we will all become stories and I think that is true and if we will become at the end a story each why not start early and get to participate in what that story will be and how it will sound to the rest of the world.