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Why You Should Invest in Love

From Audio: FMP 013 – Snug Boy
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Love is all there is, all there ever was, and all there ever will be.
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all right. I had to, like, every day, uh, sit down and, uh, and write down what was missing. Look at what we had already shot and what was missing. If with what we had, the video was already okay to be published, and, uh, yeah, so I really had to go around, uh, get pieces, bring pieces, shooting and the buying Israel. And, uh yeah, so we put that together, and, uh, we have this output of the video. Well, it's an amazing piece of art. And I think it brings me back to something you said earlier that stuck out to me. And I wrote down You said invest in love and that, and I've never heard that phrase in my life. I find that to be very interesting. Yeah, I really wanted to have those because, uh uh, it was actually a soldier. Uh, it was a soldier and he had a gun with him, and I think that that gesture of him giving his hand to the little one to the little kid, it means a lot to me. It really meant a lot. And I wanted to I wanted to, uh, like, uh, send that message that Why can't we? Why can we hug? Why can't we hug people? Why can we shake hands with people? No matter if their kids if they're adults? But why can't we, uh, forgive? Why can't we love people instead of, uh, killing people? Because what happened in Syria or what's happening or what happened in Syria's war in Syria? What happened in Libya? What recently happened? Uh, in Libya, with the immigrants with refugees? I was really very shocked. I was really very shocked because innocent people were dying. Innocent people were like and it was