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Will the MLB Adopt the Universal Designated Hitter Before Opening Day?

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Sibling Rivalry Baseball Podcast
Last Played: April 05, 2021
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Opening Day is upon us, but has the MLB decided on their universal designated hitter proposition? The DH position, since 1973, has given the American League the ability to sign one player that they never intend to play in the field and only provide absolutely monster at-bats. But is the National League going to follow?
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The one thing that I'm surprised by kind of is that there will be no universal d. H. This year. I thought of everything that happened that was probably the most universally accepted as far as baseball fans is. I think you and I are more traditionalist and honestly, I'd be fine if the American League went back to pitchers hitting. But I'm I'm okay with the split between the D. H and one, because then you get two different kinds of games between the American League and the National League. Yeah, I think that's always been something that I like is the American League had the D H nationally didn't So then when they did come together and play in the playoffs, the World Series that you know, then it made that. Okay, what's the National League team going to do? How is that that strategy going to work? But one of the things, too about, like you said, a Universal D eight should be universally accepted, and it is by the owners and the players. But because the players wanted the owners don't want now. Plus, I think it was also tied to the expanded playoffs. Yes, and the players weren't interested in the expanded playoffs, at least not as proposed. They were good with the D. H and that actually, I think slowed down a lot of well, it absolutely slowed down a lot of the assigning of some of the players like Marcell Ozuna may not be a brave still. If he could have been signed as a D. H, he might have been still in the National League just with another National League team. Like I don't know the Padres. Yeah, And you saw those guys like Marcell Ozuna, Nelson Cruz. He stayed with the Twins. Whereas if that d h that universal d h was going to happen, then, Yeah, those guys would've been somewhere else. So will get bigger contracts. Yeah, Before we go back and look at some of the other things they are bringing back, let's look at some of the covid things that are going to be in place. They're still going to be restricted to the hotel. Even though a lot of people have shots now and the stadiums are going to have fans of varying degrees, they're still going to be, uh, not permitted to leave the hotel other than for team activities at the team facility or at the ballpark. Other than for medical reasons. They can go on outdoor walks or exercise outdoor dining if it's approved by a joint committee there with an MLB or other low risk outdoor activities. I think the biggest thing they want to do is avoid them doing, you know, going to gatherings, going to the clubs. No more bingo for the Cardinals, Uh, strip clubs, No more Night club. And for the Marlins? No, unless you're all doing it together in one of the guys rooms bring your own disco ball. Not as fun, I know, but that will save you. So a lot of the things that we saw in last season, they're still going to be as stringent with because they want to make sure they have a full season. So a lot of those rules will still be in there. There's not really been any. I think there's been a couple of positive tests I've heard of in baseball, so it's like these guys know they went through. I think last year was kind of almost like a like a training camp, a 60 game training camp on how to deal with playing baseball and living by these rules
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