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Will Trevor Bauer Make The Dodgers Hatable?

Last Played: April 05, 2021
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Dodger's new pitcher, NL Cy Young winner Trevor Bauer is making waves, as always. Hit with a warning letter from the MLB for wearing an unauthorized logo, Dodger's management says they have no issue with Bauer's big personality and he fits in well with the dynamic of the team.
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okay with Totti's with Snell. Darvish. We mentioned this with the Dodgers finally winning one. Do they become unlikeable? Ooh, the Dodgers. Yeah, they already. I mean, just because they're ours got a lot of haters. Yes, that was an add to that. But you always thought they were funny. I always thought they were fun, though. The team like I mean, I like all the guys we named like Justin Turner's fun. Monty's fun. Belanger's fun got memes about being high all the time. Mookie. Very hard to actually, just like Mookie. Besides, when he kills your team, like as Yankees fan, um, very hard to dislike Mookie. But maybe that they've won. They've become public enemy. I just don't know. You have to respect what they've done. And, you know, we talked about Yeah. Is it gonna be boring for Dodger fans during the regular season? Because, you know, I mean, it's like you know you're going to be in the post. It's almost like when you talk to Patriots fans. They're like, OK, yeah, sweet. You beat us in October or November or whatever, like we don't care like all they care about is the postseason. Let's get to the playoffs and see what happens. That's what you're gonna do here. And I reference like the amount of games and how comfortable they are. They almost got beat last year, 3 to 1 deficit, but that's where the experience comes in. You know, I'm sure JT called everyone besides, Hey, guys, if we're gonna win the World Series, let's go do it like that. That sort of leadership and and the experience is so it helps so much and they're just piled on more last year and more. It's it's hard to envision. I mean, it's going to take an amazing series from the Braves or the Padres. Or, you know, maybe I know whoever else amazing series for them in a poor series for the Dodgers. Like a poor series with the Dodgers. For them to not be in the World Series again. Cody Bellinger still got three options left, projected for 40 homers and 15 steals. Uh, Jim, I do where you went with that, and what I like is the Padres are so beloved, and we talked about is there gonna be some shine rubbing off of them if the first Padres Dodgers matchup and maybe the Dodgers are throwing balls at their head. Or maybe Bauer does something, and that makes the Padres more beloved like they go full America's sweetheart again. Then the Dodgers would be the bad guy if everyone's written Padres. A lot of people don't like ours, so they have that going against them. So it's gonna be interesting. It's gonna be interesting if the Dodgers if the Padres can grab some more hearts. That means there's one bad guy in their way. Tommy Pham should hit a one night home run off our badass. One idea that stab himself. I hit a homer. Yeah, I want to say this about Bauer. Yes, he's been on the Reds and he's been on the Indians. Okay, there's been some stars. There's been some stars on the team from all accounts. What I've heard is they're going to let him be himself, and I've heard he's He is a good teammate, you know, some people say there's been stuff written that he isn't a great team at it. I've never been his teammates, so I can't really tell. But this is a different type of squad that he's coming over to big personalities like real deal stars of the game. So I'm curious to see how that dynamic is going to shake out throughout the year. Spring training. Of course, it's gonna be awesome. There's there's zero pressure, like I reference all the time. Spring training is just the extended barbecue. Basically, just have fun playing ball with your boys. Season comes around. Some things start to get shaken up. I'm curious to see how that works. I'm not saying it's going to be bad. I'm just curious to see how it's gonna work. Like it's just in turn, are going to have to take him over to the side and say, Hey, man, like we're We're not about brands here. We're about World Series. I'm curious again. I'm gonna say this. I'm not saying it's gonna happen. I'm just I want to see the dynamic throughout the whole season. I'm interested as well. I think this regular season is gonna be kind of a cakewalk. Um, they could have a bad year and win the division, I think, and then turn it on for the postseason and they've been in the postseason since 2013. So that's when the season starts. Not much else to say. Walker Buehler had a tough spring. Mhm. I think Walker Buehler cares. We talked to him knowing him. We interviewed him. Obviously. Shout out, Go check out that old pod. We did. The guy is locked in. He'll be fine. He he would have some pretty good one liners for us right now if he knew we were talking about his bad spring training. I think I think he'd, uh he'd probably stare straight into the camera, kind of have that coy look on his face and say, You know, Well, what about what about those playoff starts? Max's fun staff of the Dodgers is the two pictures with the highest four seam speeds and Ml Bay and MLB in 2020. We're both young Dodgers flamethrowers. Dustin May and Bruce are got a raw 23 22 years old.
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