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Winners and losers of the 2021 NBA draft

station description Bryan Toporek and Morten Stig Jensen walk through all of the latest happenings in t... read more
The NBA Podcast
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In this episode of The NBA Podcast, Morten Jensen (@msjnba) and Bryan Toporek (@btoporek) discuss their biggest winners and losers from the 2021 NBA draft.Which teams came out as the biggest winners on draft night? Who were some of the best player-team fits? Which teams might regret their moves duri
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In this episode of The NBA Podcast, Morten Jensen (@msjnba) and Bryan Toporek (@btoporek) discuss their biggest winners and losers from the 2021 NBA draft.Which teams came out as the biggest winners on draft night? Who were some of the best player-team fits? Which teams might regret their moves during the draft? And how will the Los Angeles Lakers' trade for Russell Westbrook work out?Check out the episode to hear Morten and Bryan discuss all of that and more.Follow us on Twitter: @TheNBAPodOdds via FanDuel Sportsbook:
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All right, well let's jump right into it more. I feel like every time in the last couple of years we've done this, we've had far more winners than losers from draft night. And I think that's probably going to be the case again last night. Uh if you had to pick one team above all others that came out as the biggest winner of draft night, which team would that be? Can we preface this by saying that nobody wins draft night on day 1? Yeah, yeah. Like it's gonna take at least a couple of years, if not 3 to 4 before we really have an idea. Um, but just in terms of winning and, and in terms of it seemed that came out, well, that's probably the best way to frame this, The Houston Rockets, surprisingly so no, but Jalen, Greene, Alperin, Schenkkan, I mean that was Guzman Garuba, that was, that was a hall. I mean they got well, probably the best scorer in the draft in jail and Green, they got the best offensive big man in the draft in Shangkun. And they got their best defensive big man in the draft in Aruba. Um Now would have been beneficial if that those three players have been warped into one make a superstar of course. But uh that's just not the case and I think ultimately those three and they even got more pieces I think was Christopher josh Christopher for 24. Yeah so it's um like it's it's just a very good start for them I think. I mean and you add that to the core of kevin Porter Jr and christian would J J Shaun Tait. I mean that looks pretty good on paper. Um It's a young team. I I can't believe I'm saying this because it's Tilman Fertitta operated team but I may have to actually put them pretty high on on my lead pass ranking this year. Yeah, I, I knew you were gonna pick the Rockets if only because of Sang Goon, they you know they traded up to 16. Oh Casey had that pick and you and I were damning back and forth last night as the draft is going down and as he was falling and even in our, I think it was the one with Jonathan, Wasserman a bleacher report draft preview where he hinted that You know Schengen might fall to 16. You got very mad so I enjoyed seeing your descent into more rage as he kept following but I'm glad Houston stopped his fall at 16, and yeah I mean I think you nailed, it they added so much young talent and for where they are in the rebuilding process and this is their first full offseason without James Harden and now you're adding Jalen Greene, Shangkun Garuba, josh Christopher, you having kevin Porter Jr already, you still have christian, would you have john wall, you have eric Gordon? Not all of those pieces fit together but they don't have to write, I mean like john wall is not going to be a long term factor in the rockets rebuild but he can at least help get these young guys, you know, it's gonna be good especially for all these bigs if they come over right away, it'll be good to have an NBA caliber point guard. That was one of the mistakes that the Sixers made in the early process years as they just did not prioritize that position at all. It really hurt them. So you're telling me that the rookie Ish smith wasn't great little sit, sorry, little sip Isaiah Canaan but yeah, I mean they've got, you know, Green and kevin Porter JR seemed like they could be their backcourt of the future. Those guys both have enormous upside the scores, you know, adding like we talked about, I think on lottery night, you know, at first we thought it was gonna be mobili at two and how does he fit with? Would you know that you have the same questions ultimately with Rangoon and how do you divide minutes between him Garuba and would, what's not going to be there long enough for it to matter. By the time the Rockets are relevant, you don't need to worry about christian would fit now they're in a position Where they can possibly trade him either this offseason, next offseason continue, recouping value, get more picks for this rebuild. So I think this was about as good of us start as you could have hoped for if you're a rockets fan and honestly I'm just happy that they not only took stay put at 23 and 24 but added the pick at 16 because you're at the point where you're so devoid of young talent, you just need to take swings on as many guys as possible and not all of them will connect like the odds of all four of these guys panning out are slim to none, But there's no risk in just trying to see, you know, which guys actually do pan out because the alternative, yeah, you could trade up, it could have traded 23 and 24, you know, maybe a couple spots to 17, 18, something like that. But you have to be really sure that the guy in 17 is going to hit because if not you're just traded two swings of the bat for one. Right? Also worth noting by the way in, just in terms of the respective developments having this micro robot going up against Alperin Schengen in practice like that is going to be beneficial for both of them. Schengen obviously not a great defender. Garuba, obviously not a great offensive player. They will teach each other stuff like they will, they will come in and match each other's intensity in different areas, which will then help them improve respectively. Yeah. And what did they give up? Oh yeah, they gave up to like very heavily protected first round picks, uh, to go up to 16. So okay, so he continues to add first round picks at all costs and they added another one today taking on Derrick favors contract from the Utah Jazz, but I really, really liked what Houston did as well. Yeah, I think if I had to pick one, it was between Houston and I think Orlando was going to be the other one that I had just because look, when they, you know, they follow the five on lottery night and you're looking at the board, it's like, well this is a, you know, there's a clear top four and they're the number five spot, like they got screwed and there is some buds around, okay, they're still pretty high on scotty Barnes, so it wouldn't be the end of the world. But then the rafters surprised, I mean went off board for most people, I think there were some rumblings that they were interested in scotty Barnes. It forward, Wasserman among others, you know, it had been all over that really for the past couple of days in particular. So the raptors take Barnes at four and all of a sudden jail and slugs is just sitting there at five for them. And I mean that was how do you win the draft through no fault of your own? Yeah, I mean just not outsmarting yourself right? Like they easily could have been like, well there's some reason the raptors passed on jail, it sucks, so we're going to go off aboard, we'll take command good five or something like that. But you know, they got this like Jalen sucks is the guy that they've been waiting for since what like Oladipo before? All of these T mac brian. Yeah, right. Like this is, they have a lot of young talent already, but they didn't have, who is our foundational piece? Like it could have been Jonathan Isaac, it could have been Markle fault, but all of these guys that they have have question marks, Jalen sucks is going to come in right away and be no question alpha dog of that team. He is the piece that you build around. And you know, there are maybe some fit questions like how does he fit with Marquel faults? How does he fit with coal Anthony? It doesn't matter. Jalen slugs is better than those guys so you changeable, right? But like, you know, if, if you end up having to move off of one of fault sir Anthony in the future, you don't care because Jalen sucks is the best player. You take the best player and then figure out the rest later. So I love, I love the pickets for subs at five and then the number eight, you know, uh commingle was off the board at that point and josh giddy was a surprise at six going to, okay, see, so get back to eight James book night who had been widely mocked in the top seven, he's still on the board, but at that point, you know, your backcourt is with uh Suggs false Anthony, you probably don't need jane both night there. So they end up going franz Wagner instead, you know, Elite shooter, which is something they're gonna very badly need, especially if you're keeping mark out faults and Jonathan Isaac for a while. Like I can now just see the contours of this magic roster fitting together better than I did 24 hours ago. So I think, you know, I'm not saying the Magic are going to be competitive next year, they're going to be one of the worst teams in the lake most likely, but they have now some foundational pieces in place where it's like, okay, this young core is starting to make sense and they're starting to fit together. Like I can see how commingle and Jonathan, Isaac would have fit together. I don't know just because there's so many question marks about both of them offensively. I can see Wagner and Isaac fitting together. I can see Suggs and faults and Suggs and Anthony fitting together. You still have bombed and carter in the centre spots. So there's something here for the magic to build around now, right? And I actually don't think they're going to be as bad next year to be quite honest with you because like you said, they do have interesting pieces. So mo bamba and Wendell carter JR respectively have never really played with a proper point guard before. They just haven't. Um and I think as as you alluded to um with the six years back in the process, like if you draft a bunch of bigs, you will need point guards to actually feed them the rock. Now. Wendell carter JR has a guy who can play pick and roll basketball. So the same applies to, to uh, to Obama. So I wouldn't be shocked if we're looking at a team that's flirting.
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