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With Luke Voit Out With Injury, Yankees Look To Mike Ford and Jay Bruce

Last Played: April 05, 2021
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If you are looking for a place to start building your fantasy baseball team, Fantasy Baseball Today is one of the top podcasts in the league. Giving you great updates on the hottest players in the league, this podcast is a can't-miss for anyone seeking advice to top their league.
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just in terms of First Bank. Frank's Scott Lower. Scott and I both have Luke void. 11th overall. Chris has him at 13. 13. Yeah, I basically I moved danger of on way up after Ella Jimenez injury, and then I moved, uh, Lugovoi just to write ahead of Andrew von. I think that makes sense, right? Someone who's gonna miss, you know, probably. I don't know. We're probably I don't think we're gonna see him until Mayor. Yeah, Jay Bruce will make the Yankees and presumably start at first base as Mike Ford, who actually went four for four on Saturday. I love a swing to I Mike Ford. Swing is just built for Yankee Stadium, but he was option to their alternate training site a few weeks back. Uh, Scott, any interest in Jay Bruce? Maybe in deeper leagues. Um, just as a power source. Until avoided back. It seems like he's gonna play every day. I put a low bid in on him in a 15 team league. I put higher bids on in on Ronald Guzman. If I if I had a corner infield, need to first base need of the Rangers. Nate Low was actually named their starting first baseman, but there without both of their DHS right now, Willie Calhoun and Chris Davis. So I presume Guzman, who had a good spring, is going to get consistent playing time from the start. Yeah, I'm not sure how the playing time is going to shape out. Shake out between Bruce and and Ford. I know Bruce is expected to start, but you know he's old and there's no reason they have to commit to that for weeks at a time. Uh, so not not especially interested. I've liked Fords profile, but you know, we're talking about a short term stent of part time at bats, Chris, if you are in a 12 team league or shallower. I looked up a few first baseman that were rostered in 60% of CBS leagues or less, and that included Christian Walker Jr. Candelario, Joey Votto and CJ Crone. So of those four crone Votto, Candelaria Walker, which one interests you the most? If you're just trying to it already drafted voice and you're trying to replace him. I have them rank Crone, Votto, Walker and Candelaria. So that is the order in which I would take them um, Crone. We're pretty sure he's the starter, but it hasn't been confirmed yet. Right. Well, I know Bird got sent out. Yeah, Josh want is is still there. They have had pretty still there. I'm assuming they need him at third base. They've already purchased the contract of Crone, and he's having a mom who's gonna make the Yeah. Yeah, I think. I mean, we've talked about him a decent amount this spring, but just the fact that he's at course field and hits the ball incredibly hard. Um, it's not out of the question. He has a season where he hits like to 80 with 35 homers. Hey, when I don't know if he'll be good as like a baseball player, he usually isn't that good. But with course field as his home, I think he can, you know, really mashable One of my bold predictions on Fridays Podcast was C J. Cron hits 35 home runs, and he is a top 11th baseman for fantasies. So there you go. We are simpatico there. Chris Christie J. Cronin in spring 16 for 47 with four home runs and seven r b I 3 40 batting average. 11 060 P. S. Scott. If you are in a deeper league, these are first baseman who are rostered in 40% or less of CBS leagues. Jesus Aguilar, Rowdy tells Nate Low, Brandon Belt. Any of those names interest you? If you lost. Look for in a deeper format. I could see how that might be the best you could do. I'm not super excited about any of them. To less, Um, should play most of the time, right for the Blue Jays and and has pretty good upside. And I like Nate Lows upside for the Rangers. If if he does have that job over there, I wish he had shown more of it in spring training. Uh, but, you know, spring training isn't the end all be all, of course. So maybe he'd be my favorite, but, yeah, there's not. There's not a clear front runner for their, uh, their for me. Yeah, angular. I'm not sure he's going to play every day with Gary Cooper looking for bats. Yeah, I do like Rowdy still has quite a bit. I don't know if he's going to play against every left hand pitcher left handed pitcher, but he was awesome last year. Cut down on strikeouts, makes hard contact. And he's one of the only lefty bats in a really good Blue Jays lineup. So I'm pretty excited about Roddy. Tell is, uh if you are in a deeper league and need help at first base or corner infield.
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