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Writers of Strange Fiction with Alessandro Earnest

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Alessandro Earnest visited Spoiler Country and chatted with our man on the streets Casey Allen. They discussed her con Writers of Strange fiction and what its all about!

Alessandro Earnest:
“Drinks and Comics with Spoiler Country!”
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Interview scheduled by Jeffery Haas
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Writers of Strange Fiction Interview
[00:00:00] Casey: It was that, that was one of the most fun jobs I’ve ever had because like I learned a lot about working with people and how to bring them down softly. I
Alessandor Earnest: know how to get people to take their bracelets off.
Casey: Yeah, yeah, yeah. We had a bass player from this metal band and he wanted, he was doing this thing and it sucked and the producer was.
Telling us, like, I don’t like that at all. That sounds very muddy. And he didn’t want to hurt his feelings. So I went in there and I said, you know, Hey man, can you just try to play in the root notes? He’s like, no, I want him to do this jazz thing. And finally the sound engineer came out and said, that’s not jazz.
That’s shit. Wow. I felt so bad for him. I was like, I never want to treat anybody like that. But he got the point across effectively and quickly. So, you recorded it fine after that, but all right, Alexander that’s me. Let me go ahead and [00:01:00] do a brief intro and we will we’ll talk about the, the con and the, the group, which is, you know, An awesome thing that you do.
And then we’ll talk about the evolution of the group and why you’re doing the con okay. All right, everybody. Welcome again, to another episode of spoiler country today, I just wanted to do a quick announcement for you guys. I have a good fr