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You can still get Olympus cameras

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Back in 2020 Olympus indicated they were getting out of the camera business but don't fear - you can still get them as a new company OM Digital Solutions will be producing the cameras. Great news for us Olympus fans.
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about a year ago, Olympus announced that they were getting out of the digital imaging business and that they would not be making cameras any longer. And that would've been a shame if these, uh, this technology went by the wayside. I really like my Olympus TG six. Well don't worry. A new company named OM Digital Solutions is producing the old Olympus cameras, binoculars and audio gear They took over in January 2021. Their website is get Olympus dot com. Now if you want to know more about the company, check out OM dash digital Solutions dot com. This company is based out of Tokyo and it's led by Shigemi Sakamoto. Om digital solutions employees about 2000 people with a valuation of 27 billion Yen or about $333 million. The OM comes from the 19 seventies OM solutions that they put in place to make cameras smaller, more rugged and quieter. This is great news, especially for us. Olympus fans.