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You Meet in a Child-Friendly Tavern

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Dungeons & Dragons & Daughters
Last Played: August 18, 2021
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DnD can appeal to your childlike sense of wonder. However, several of the most popular DnD podcasts appeal to adults. Dungeons & Dragons & Daughters takes it to the source by playing with actual children.
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would reduce your load by 10 lbs. You really wanted like dad like okay, so you get to the top of the stairs um and there's the there's the open welcoming doors of the frowning gesture and through the doors you see the bar uh there's not that many people that, that are in the front in gesture as of yet, but there's a couple of people that are in there and they're they're laughing and you can hear some glasses clanging together and there's a, there's a woman that is just running around frantic right now, but she kind of gives you the bearing that even if there's no one in the bar, she would still be running around frantic. Uh just not very good at just trying to, you know, it's just dealing with stress. She's just, she's just always got to be on the move and she's fidgeting a lot and it just seems like that no matter what, she would always be busy, she would always find something to do regardless of how many people were in there. So you go in and yeah, it's it's as warm and inviting um as a place that you guys remember from five years ago um in fact um the place looks exactly the same, doesn't look like it's changed at all people. Well there there is new people, but the person behind the bar is his name is helm buckman and he is the ugliest man that you have ever seen and you remember him five years ago and he is still just as ugly as he was back then. Do you remember sloth from the Goonies? Yeah, he's not, he's not quite that ugly, but you kind of do a double take when you see him because of how ugly he is. So he's, his eyes are kind of like, like they're not directly in line with each other ones visibly higher than the other one and he's bald and he's got scars and he's missing all four of his front teeth. Um And part of his nostril looks like it might have been chewed off at some point or caught off in an accident. Um And he's over weights. Um is that he's a little fat. I mean he's round, it's but do you really trust an innkeeper that's not round though? Or a tavern owner? That's true. That's true. Like if he was really athletic and trendy, there'd be something just odd about that, right? I think it would just be there for money probably, yeah, not enjoying his business or his work. Okay. I woke up, give him four people gold and he gives me a single risk it. So you walk up and you slam four pieces of gold down on the, on the, on the bar and it just looks like he was like, yeah, can I have one bottle, whisker whole bottle toilet, four gold pieces done. He scoops up the gold pieces off and he pulls out, reaches underneath, pulls out a bottle largest, the largest bottle, not the largest bottle. It's a bottle of whiskey. I have a humble and I walked back. Well I took, I told them that I took this big bottle so I can savor some, it's like you could do some out that Jason later. We'll tell them that. Don't say that. You tell them that, tell them that I got a bottle, a big bottle whiskey because reaching some now some later later. All gone. All right. Dave walks up to the bar or wait, no. Uh galaxy, what are you doing? I just look at him and I think something's wrong. You think something's wrong with helm? Is he like not smiling? No, he's not smiling. He's frowning about. But you remember that. He always frowned. You do start to remember some other things about him. You remember that the woman that's frantically moving around is his daughter mary is her name, mary buckman and you do remember that even though Helm is a gruff, ugly old bartender of a man, he is the best answer that you've ever seen in your life. But I, I mean he was like smiling when he get, oh yeah, that's like the only time that you've ever seen him smile is when he dances. I think he stopped right now. He still dances, but no, no one sees. No, he, no, he still doesn't, whenever there's music playing, he's dancing, but he can't go out of the bars. He's just dancing. Like just legs dancing. No one can see he's not doing that right now. You just this is a memory that you have is like you remember way back when it's like he's always been serious and gruff but whenever there was music playing he would dance and he is the most fantastic dancer you've ever seen in your life. They had music, there's no music on right now. That's why that's why he's so grumpy, he's just behind the bar serving drinks. Just let's try to sang and it was horrible so I'm not trying to sing it but it was horrible. Are you gonna try and sing? Yeah but I'm just gonna try to sing and make him happy you guys. Maybe he can give us some information why they got there were months. Okay so you're going to you're going to try and sing to make him dance? Okay I want you to roll a I'm going to make you roll a charisma check for that then. Um I think he's been here the longest I believe. Yeah. Yeah it's a roller charisma check. That's a roller d. 20 yep. Yeah 20
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