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You’re A Teenager – It’s August 10, 1945 – You Live In New York – You Hear Rumors – You Also Hear The Fire Hydrant

From Audio: You're A Teenager - It's August 10, 1945 - You Live In New York - You Hear Rumors - You Also Hear The Fire Hydrant

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Duration: 12:22
New York: August 10, 1945. The day started hopeful. News that Japan had accepted the surrender terms and that World War 2 was over. But that turned out to be a rumor, unsubstantiated; a misinterpreted translation of the Tokyo Radio broadcast. But for hours into the morning it was a scramble to find
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New York: August 10, 1945. The day started hopeful. News that Japan had accepted the surrender terms and that World War 2 was over. But that turned out to be a rumor, unsubstantiated; a misinterpreted translation of the Tokyo Radio broadcast. But for hours into the morning it was a scramble to find out if the rumor was true and if the Emperor had accepted the surrender terms and that Japan had unconditionally quit the war. Bulletins ran over news-wires and were breathlessly read on the air to anxious listeners, who had now dropped everything and stayed glued to their radios. Every other minute was a different report – a contradiction to the previous report. It was a day of nail-biting and apprehension – except of course, if you were a kid. You were concerned, and you listened to the radio – but it was Summer and it was New York and it was hot – and the sound of the fire hydrant sent a signal you couldn’t ignore. And so while everyone else was sitting in front of their radios, or dragging radios out to window-sills and broadcasting to the neighborhood, you were dodging a geyser of water and cooling off – until somebody came by and turned it off – long enough for the next hydrant to spring to life. But August 10, 1945 was a day the war didn’t end; not officially anyway – and in every city, town, truckstop, bus and train station across America, people waited patiently – waiting for the official word. Everyone knew it was coming, but nobody knew exactly when. So the listening to every report and dissecting every analysis continued well into the night and into the next morning and the next until finally the news came four days later. To give you a sample of what New York on August 10th sounded like in 1945 – here is a two-hour snippet of broadcasts, as they happened, from 11:45 in the morning until 1:45 in the afternoon – a two hour slice of the day – the day that almost was, but not quite.
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W. O. R. New york. What's your idea with laura, Kennedy and yours truly Jack Stanley presented by now. Remember. M. O. Double T. S. Marks marks, fine fruit products. Here's a program of real ideas of real homemakers on better living brought to you by mozz products and sun sweet prune juice. Now he's laura. Hello everybody with all the wonderful and exciting reports coming over the wires today. I'm sorely tempted to turn handsprings. Well, I guess we better not do that laura because there's nothing officially to go buy yet. But I must admit things look pretty hopeful. Alright then, shall we say business as usual? Until we know I guess the best plan. Well Jack, and then I'm going to turn handsprings for another reason. We have a very famous and a very delightful guest on our program today. None other than the glamorous star of screen stage and radio Miss Gloria Swanson. We'll hear from MS Swanson in a few moments. But first some ideas from our listeners. Well, I have the first one already laura and it wins the March products dollar for jewel Wissen of Ellenville new york who says, I think now that celery is so high, it would be a good idea to try to save as much of it as possible. I make my own celery salt the following way I dry the celery leaves, then I pulverize them. Then I add an equal amount of salt and I use it for seasoning. He gives an added flavor to stews and soups. I've often done that and it's really a very good practice. There's a lot of flavor in those celery leaves that we ordinarily throw away. Here's an idea that will appeal to you homemakers because it should save a lot of work. Mrs Elizabeth Anderson of new york city says every woman knows how difficult it is to have belts clean when the dress is dry clean. The belt always looks soiled due to the leather lining. So I removed the leather and lined the belt with ribbon or tape the same with then it can be cleaned or washed. Sounds good to me and we're sending mrs Anderson and mozz products. Dollar right away. Yes, and that's what any of you other listeners will find in your mailbox is if we read your ideas on the air, any ideas on better living ideas for housekeeping or community projects. Anything that makes life easier or less expensive or more fun. A dollar for each idea we read on the air or a $25 war bond for the best idea of the month, mail address, months M O double T S. Care of the station to which you're listening and any of you who live in or around new york city, will you please take notice? Our next audience day party is a week from Wednesday august 22nd and it really is a party to with special prizes and flowers and all, Lots of fun. You send us an idea short one and we send you two tickets and that makes you eligible to go on the air. Either to compete against our listening audience or to answer our special quiz question. So why don't you plan now to come in and be a part of the show? That's a week from next Wednesday, August 22 may we expect you Jeff. Here's a letter I wish you'd read. I think it merits amounts dollar for a timely wartime desert suggestion. All right. It's from mrs Margaret patterson of Bellmore, Long Island, she says, since sugar is so short, I often by two of those a nist's sponge layers. The gross is almost always have. Then I put them together with a thick layer of moths, delicious jelly. We like the apple current, but any of Mark's flavors will be as good to talk this cake. I place a lace paper doily over the top layer and dust it with powdered sugar. It makes such a pretty pattern when the soil is removed. And my how my folks go for that. No wonder moss jellies are so luscious. The apple current has just the right tartness for sponge cake to they're made of two fruits. So they're just twice as good. You can get moss jellies at most grocers, but if yours is temporarily out, try again. They're well worth waiting for our guest today. Really needs no introduction. She's glamorous and charming Gloria Swanson. But I'll read you a few of you know that Miss Swanson has found time in her busy life for far more than the business of being a famous movie, stage and radio star. She's produced her own pictures. She heads a successful business here in new york. She runs a lovely 5th Avenue home which also entails being mother to her three youngsters. I'd say that all adds up to make you one of the most generally successful women of all time. Gloria. I'd accept all that is a very charming compliment, Laura, If my name were Mr G Swanson, why Gloria? I can't say I've succeeded as a woman. Wait a minute, I'm afraid we don't follow you Gloria. Well, I've done all the things a man might have done successfully. But as a woman, I can't say I've succeeded because I've had to sacrifice too much. What I mean is that we'll have three categories of women. The woman who occupies herself solely with making a home for a husband and her Children. The woman who tries to combine a career with homemaking and the woman who concentrates on a career alone. I belong to the second category. Which doesn't point to a successful career of being a woman. Yes, but why do you persist in saying you haven't succeeded? Well because I was forced to miss the most precious thing. A woman can have the only thing the babyhood and childhood of her Children, I was really the father of the family. It was always Now if you Children don't behave, I'll have to tell your mother when she comes home, a woman loses something. If she's not there. When those youngsters of hers come running home from school and scurry into the kitchen for bread and jam or to kiss that bruised knee when junior falls off escape. Did you ever consider giving up your career, Gloria? Oh, yes. I've thought of it many times, but you don't take hold of a career. It takes hold of you. Once you've started, it seems impossible to stop switch careers. Take a man who's been a shoe salesman for years, you can't go to him and say Henry from now on, you're going to be a doctor. He'd be lost. So that the patients, furthermore, giving up my career would have meant that my Children would have been denied advantages. I was so anxious for them to have. So, you see, that's how I happened to find myself playing the father's part when I really wanted to play the mother. Let's assume that you have been in the first category. The all wife and mother. You feel that your life would have been complete enough. Well being an active person, mentally and physically. I I don't think I would have been satisfied just to rear my Children and care from my home. I I think I would have wanted some outside activity. Something to share with my husband. So that when he sat down to dinner, we'd we have a common interest to talk about instead of the trouble I'd had with the laundry or his difficulties at the office. Well, you've certainly managed to make your home a charming and gracious one, Melora. I've tried to make it a warm, comfortable, friendly place. A place it's really home, not the kind of home we've all seen where the Children tiptoe through gingerly and dad scared to death he'll move a lamp or drop a stray ash on the rug. Home should be a place for the family to enjoy themselves. Friends make themselves part of that kind of home and stay with you. And I've always encouraged my Children to bring their own friends there to become part of it all. By the way, Gloria, I have two sons myself and I wonder I thought I saw that proud father gleam in your eye go quietly. I know, Gloria, is this How do you feel about handling our Postwar crop of youngsters? I'm sure the Postwar wife will handle her Children as intelligent human beings. Reason logically with him if she's had the same experience I've had. I know she's found that's the only way to handle youngsters. I remember once when my son joseph was a little Tiki, he insisted on gorging himself on ice cream at his sister's birthday party. He couldn't understand why he couldn't have three servings when he liked it. It was a little airplane model with a gasoline motor on the floor he built And I said, joseph. Why don't you just pour some ink into that motor? Well, he looked at me with disgust and said, Gosh, mother, you can't put ink into a gasoline motor and expected to work. Well, it didn't take him long to realize this. Tell me it wasn't any different from that plane that motor and he'd had to think about the kind of fuel he was going to put into it. Very smart. That before we let this conversation closed area, would you tell us a bit more about your Children? Joseph's on duty in Germany? Of course, I'm hoping so that he'll be sent home on furlough before going to the pacific of course, for this wonderful news. I hope you won't even have to go there. Amen to that. Then there's Gloria Junior, happily married and making her home on the coast. Michelle's 13 and quite a lady. Now, fortunately I'm I'm having more of her than of my other two older Children now that I'm not a movie star any longer. Thank you, Gloria Swanson for being our guest today. It's been a delightful session. Indeed. It certainly has. And I think I've learned a thing or two for my own two sons. And that's all for today. Except to remind you that Marks products brings you son sweet prune juice. The delicious mellow juice that helped keep you regular? You'll find sun suite at your gross is almost everywhere. What's your idea will be on the air again on monday over these same stations with prize winning ideas from our listeners and our guest will be. Nita Davis will tell us how she went about redecorating the Truman suite in the White House and give us several interesting ideas about the general subject of decorating. Meanwhile, remember M O double T S. Marks Marks, fine fruit product. This is Laura, Kennedy saying goodbye everybody. Jack Stanley speaking, This is the mutual broadcasting system. Keep tuned to W. O. R. For all late news developments in five minutes. William lang will be on the air with the latest news that's 12 o'clock noon for the news with William lang W. O. R. New york. We'll travel along singing a song side by side. Yes, it's Cliff Edwards, UKulele ike brought to you by the pleasant smelling effective insect repellent. Jitterbug. Well, Cliff! What's in the number one spot today. Got a little girl on the show has been one of America's sweethearts for a long time. And here she is. My little margie. I'm always thinking of you, margie. I'll tell the world, I love you. Don't forget your promise to me. I have bought a home and ring and every little thing for margie, she's been my inspiration. Days will never be blue after all is said and done. There's really only one old margie margie. It's you, I I after all is said and done. There's really only one margie margie. It's you. Well, while you're tramping around through the woods on a picnic, I sure hope you have a bottle of jitterbug along. It'll keep you from getting all chewed up by mosquitoes and chiggers and the like take jitterbug along folks when you tackle a beautiful out of doors in the good old summertime because jitterbug will let you enjoy yourself in comfort on a hike or a fishing trip or a bike ride or a picnic. Easy to apply, pleasant smelling non sticky and absolutely effective in repelling mosquitoes. Sand please. Sand flies, ticks and so on. Remember use jitterbug because jitterbug really works well. Just about this time now I'd like to do a little number that deals with love on a part time basis once in a while. Will you try to give one little thought to me though? Someone else may be nearer your heart once in a while will you dream of the moments I shared with you moments before we do
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