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Zahan Billimoria talks about removing shame from Backcountry accidents

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How to Ski Safer in the Backcountry and Mitigate Risk Skiing the backcountry can be some of the most magical skiing and powdery snow you'll ever experience but it's not without risk. These legends of backcountry skiing and skiing audio producers talk about tactics, training, awareness, and using overall good sense to enjoy a safer backcountry ski experience. From wind board 40degree faces, to bootpacking hardpack culoirs and yes avalanches, these highly experienced, skiers, guides, and topographical experts discuss the basic logic and advanced techniques wit some with audio producers who cover ski topics on podcasts and radio. The best moments from the best skiing podcasts that teach you about chasing chicken feathers, mountain safety, and creating epic snow adventure scenes wherever you are. Baron Ginnetti Audio Station
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Zahan Billimoria talks about removing shame from Backcountry accidents with Doug Stenclik - in order to help people make the best decisions while ski touring.
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but I felt like I was close enough to the halo to be protected. And you're just That's a bad time. Thio Trust that, you know it wasn't on a guy. I wasn't being guided. It was just out skiing with friends, you know? But, you know, we were a little brazen that day. Yeah, I think Curious. Just hearing you talk about your experience in the years of accumulated and and the research that is coming out about it is often more experienced backcountry skiers who are getting an accident like, How do you think that those more experienced people can combat that? Do you think it's like simple self awareness that needs to be cultivated? You know, I think that we all come to the mountains with who we are as human beings, right? And some of us really do hunger for risk and risk. It's really what we're e mean. Nobody wants to die out there, but many of us do actually deliberately seek risk. Risk is so enriching, you know, society. And like a time in history when life is so predictable. We're still human beings, you know? And some of us air, They're still just wired to enjoy life where, like everything that you have is called upon to make something possible that seems impossible and that those are really the experiences that you're looking for and those are inherently risky. And And that, in my opinion, well, one, I don't think it can be trained out. And secondly, I'm okay with that. You know, like the thing that I'm most passionate about actually, in this conversation, to be totally honest, isn't even trying to keep people safe. It's trying to eliminate shame and guilt from conversation around accident.