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No matter where you are financially, this playlist will provide you with the knowledge you need to begin creating a solid financial gameplan. Continue Reading >> No matter where you are financially, this playlist will provide you with the knowledge you need to begin creating a solid financial gameplan. << Show Less
Six Reasons Why Businesses Fail This week, Jerry and Jennifer discuss the latest economic news and provide six reasons why small businesses fail. Plus, an update stocks and precious metals.
22 Ways to Make More Money Now! On this week's show, Jerry introduces the FTM Income University which begins this week. Special guest interview: Dr. Stan Monteith
Here’s 9 Money-Making Ideas to Survive the Economic Collapse On today's podcast, Jerry and Jennifer Robinson share nine powerful money-making ideas that you can use to survive the economic collapse.
FTM 414: 7 Ways To Grow Your 401(k) On today's podcast episode, author/investor Jerry Robinson shares seven tips for boosting your 401(k). Later, Mike Mitchell shares a powerful way to maintain your annual retirement income even in volatile markets.
FTM 406: The Habit of Investing On this week's episode, long-time investor Jerry Robinson shares the power of creating the habit of investing in your own life. Later, an interesting tax-free retirement alternative for small business owners and an update on our new cryptocurrency investing service.Learn more at https://followthemoney.comGet access to our new Crypto Leaderboard service here:
FTM 399: Five Financial Pitfalls To Avoid On today's episode, investor and host Jerry Robinson shares five potential mental and emotional hazards that can prevent one from achieving lasting financial success. And later, an update on the ongoing global supply chain chaos, rising inflation, and how to get paid to relocate to another city.
FTM 384: Are You Prepared? Millions of people in Texas just got a hard lesson in preparedness. In this episode, Jerry Robinson reminds listeners of the importance of being prepared and specifically focuses upon tips to help you get ready for the uncertainty ahead.Later, Jerry answers a listener question about a coming digital U.S. dollar. All that and more on this latest episode of Follow the Money radio.
FTM 381: The Ultimate Part-Time Business On today's episode, economist/trading coach Jerry Robinson shares 10 reasons why he believes trend trading is the ultimate part-time home-based business. If you are seeking to start a new business or create a new income stream, listen as Jerry shares why trend trading could be the answer you have been looking for.Trend Trading Bootcamp:
FTM 377: Are You Prepared For A Financial Emergency? On this week's podcast, economist/author Jerry Robinson discusses the importance of building an emergency financial reserve on your journey to financial security. As Jerry explains: "Good savers make good investors." In this episode, you will learn how -- and why -- to begin a systematic saving plan and much more!Later, Jerry announces the winner of our last giveaway and shares new details for our next giveaway! All that and more on this power-packed episode.
FTM 365: 5 Steps To Financial Freedom On this week's broadcast, Jerry Robinson shares the five most important steps you can take to achieve true financial freedom. Later, he provides his latest economic and geopolitical commentary.
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