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Best Horror Audio Drama Podcasts

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Classic Ghost Stories by Tony Walker
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TDP 990: Lovecraft Investigations Case of Charles Dexter Ward From H.P. Lovecraft: An investigation into the disappearance of a young man from a locked room.
Episode 1: What We Know Ten years ago, over three hundred men, women and children disappeared from a small town in Tennessee, never to be heard from again. In this podcast, American Public Radio reporter Lia Haddock asks the question once more, "What happened to the people of Limetown?" Order the Limetown novel now at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The Case of Charles Dexter Ward Curtis M. Lawson, author of Devil's Night and Black Heart Boys' Choir, joins us for an in-depth conversation of H.P. Lovecraft and his posthumously published 1943 story, "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward." Plus, reviews of HBO MAX's Raised by Wolves, Jonathan Maberry's latest release, Ink, and Blackwood Estates by William Holloway. (Recorded Sept. 13, 2020) The theme music, "Insidious," was created by Purple Planet Music and is used here under the terms of a Creative Commons Attribution License 3.0. Music: Follow Staring Into The Abyss on Twitter: @intostaring