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Fascinating and funny facts and anecdotes about STEAM. Continue Reading >> Fascinating and funny facts and anecdotes about STEAM. << Show Less
Nuclear Medicine and The Origin of the Bikini Statistics show that nuclear science has saved more lives than it has taken. Using nuclear science, scientists developed MRI's, PET scans, and chemotherapy—which are now so ubiquitous in the medical field that hospitals have to work hard to assuage patient reservations about the word nuclear. Technology aside, nuclear science also played a small role in the world of fashion: Nuclear testing in the Bikini Atoll inspired a fashion designer to name his new swimsuit design "the bikini."
Scientists Are The Worst At Secrets: Discovering The Kilonova STEAM Powered has a conversation with Dr Heloise Stevance, computational astrophysicist, who tells us about the discovery of the kilonova and how scientists are terrible at keeping secrets.
Meeting rock star astrophysicists and other things they don't tell you about planetary sciences STEAM Powered speaks with Dr Carly Howett, Outer Solar System Scientist, about the things that aren't in the brochure on a career in planetary sciences. Meet rock stars, travel the world, have people not believe you when you say you work on giant rockets.