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Erica's idea for a for a Snippet-off contest Erica has a great idea for doing a contest that challenges people to find the best, shortest snippet on Vurbl within a 3 hour period.
How To Optimize And Monetize Content On Vurbl | Interview With Erica Anenberg Listen to Vurbl Ambassador Dan Gordon as he interviews Vurbl Head Of Strategic Partnerships Erica Anenberg about tips and tricks for monetizing audio content! Learn how to use Vurbl to amplify your audio content, as well as imaginative ways to use snippets.
Helping 1 Million People Find Their Voice | An Interview with Harry Duran Welcome to Vurbl Voices.
This experimental podcast is a way for us to connect with audio creators of all stripes. From traditional interview podcast hosts, short and long form storytellers, business leaders using audio to engage their customers, poets, speakers, battle rappers, standup comics, audiobook authors, teachers and more!

On this episode I had an amazing conversation with Harry Duran, the host of Podcast Junkies. If you’re not familiar with Podcast Junkies, consider Harry the OG host of a podcast about podcasting. Launched back in 2014 and 225 episodes published, Harry has had incredible guests like John Lee Dumas, Pat Flynn, Jordan Harbinger, and Helen Zaltman on the show.

Harry’s also the founder of, a full service business podcast consultancy where he helps launch, produce, scale and market podcasts for an array of clientele. He’s also a frequent startup advisor, which makes this conversation an important one for us at Vurbl!

How To Listen:
Website | Stitcher | Apple Podcasts

How to find Harry: | LinkedIn | Twitter

Download Harry's "Ultimate Podcast Launch Gameplan"
How Building A Business Is Like Being On A Soccer Team Listen to Audra Gold, and how competitive sports shaped her approach to life, team building for business was indeed learnt from the soccer team.
The Future Of Vurbl | Molly Ann Hale Molly talks about their plans for Vurbl in the future, making sure that the Vurbl team, the content creators and listeners will get the best out of the platform