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Classic Ghost Stories by Tony Walker
Psychics and mediums? They're all fakes aren't they? Or can they somehow see into your soul and the path you will take in life? Let's take a listen. Playlist curated by Tony Walker of The Classic Ghost Stories Podcast Continue Reading >> Psychics and mediums? They're all fakes aren't they? Or can they somehow see into your soul and the path you will take in life? Let's take a listen. Playlist curated by Tony Walker of The Classic Ghost Stories Podcast << Show Less
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Mysterious Phone Calls from Dead Relatives COMPILATION Mysterious Phone Calls from Dead Relatives COMPILATION 🔵🔵 SPIRIT BOX 🔵🔵 Calls from the Dead True StoriesCan the dead manipulate electronic devices? Can they reach back through the fabric of time and space, from wherever they are, and influence the workings of our communications devices -- our phones -- to leave one last message... to say one last goodbye?#GhostStories #Paranormal #Podcasts #GhostHunters #GhostAdventures #GhostNation #DestinationFear #Scary #Paranormal
Readings and Connections Join Psychic Medium Jaime and Spiritwalker Nicole as they talk about spiritual connections and do live readings for their audience.
Aboriginal Medium Shawn Leonard Interview I am so excited to share this interview with my favourite medium of all time Aboriginal Medium Shawn Leonard! This episode was the highlight of my career and he was so generous with his time. It is common for Indigenous teachings to be shared through storytelling and the length of this episode reflects that experience.

In this interview, Shawn shares how he first became aware of his abilities through vibes and thoughts that he would receive about people which brought him to the initial stages of mediumship development. If you want to do this work, asking for help from Spirit and leading with trust and faith will guide you into alignment with your path. 

The stories that Shawn tells demonstrate the healing power of mediumship and the value of messages in addition to bringing validation to the sitter. He talks about how claircognizance and compassion are just as important as clairvoyance when conveying what needs to be communicated in a reading. Being a part of someone’s healing is the real gift of being a medium.

Shawn Leonard's TV show Spirit Talker gives the Indigenous community access to mediumship and shares stories that are relatable to give hope to those who are in need of healing. The divine intelligence of Spirit ensures that even in a group reading or demonstration, the messages will be received by more than those whose loved ones connect at that time.


Some questions that Shawn answered were:

- How do you receive names?

- What is your relationship with angels?

- Are earthbound spirits and ghosts real?


Be sure to watch the Season 2 premiere of Spirit Talker on APTN tomorrow, September 15, 2021!



Share this episode and your biggest takeaway on Instagram for a chance to win a signed copy of Shawn Leonard’s book The Language of Spirit. Tag @squamishmedium and @aboriginalmediumshawnleonard in your post to be entered. I will choose a winner on September 30, 2021 which is the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation in Canada to recognize the generational impact of residential schools on Indigenous people.  


Aboriginal Medium Shawn Leonard’s website 

Spirit Talker Tribe Online Course

Spirit Talker Tribe - Interest Group

The Language of Spirit book: Indigo

Shawn Leonard YouTube Channel

Spirit Talker on APTN (Canada)

Stream Spirit Talker
569. Elizabeth Anne Hill Elizabeth Anne Hill&#8217;s spiritual journey began in October 2002 with the death of her identical twin sister, Catherine Mary Hill, in an on-duty vehicle accident as a United States Border Patrol Agent along the U.S./Mexico border.
Before Cathy died, she had learned about a grand spiritual awakening taking place across the planet, which she tried to share with her twin, with no success. After Cathy’s death, Elizabeth began to have contact with her in dreams and through many psychic mediums. She discovered that she and Catherine had come in as social change agents and that they had made a pact to work together to deliver this important information to the world.
Catherine assisted Elizabeth in writing her first book, Twin Souls: A Message of Hope for the new Millennium. Through this process, Elizabeth developed strong intuitive gifts and a connection with the non-physical realms.
In 2008, during a session with a group of spirit guides via trance channel Glenna Dietrich, Elizabeth was told about a project they would create together called An Interview with the Universe, which would include Q&A, an experiential traveling journey, and another book. Elizabeth’s journey would entail letting go of all traditional safety nets — including job, income, and home — to travel the world with nothing but her intuitive connection with her sister and her Infinite Self.
The Guides explained that the purpose of the journey was to transmute the limiting belief systems and fears surrounding money — for herself and for all of humanity. After she undertook this journey, she would be ready for the changes that would occur in the world, and at the right moment, she would be called upon to teach and share the wisdom she had gained.
Now, in 2020 — with all that is occurring on the world stage — now is that moment.

* Personal Facebook page
* Author Facebook page
* Free download of Elizabeth&#8217;s book, &#8220;Twin Souls&#8221;
* Interview with the Universe

* Part 1
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Interview recorded September 19, 2020
Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.