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Home and Bathrobe Magazine - August Edition

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It’s hot outside I’ve got some tips. Continue Reading >> It’s hot outside I’ve got some tips. << Show Less
Home and Bathrobe Magazine August Edition It’s so hot, but I’ve got some ideas..
Home and Bathrobe Magazine - August 2022 Edition #355  It's hot. I have some ideas to help.
ADT Episode 65: Medical Myths This week on Ask Doctor Tom, Doctor Tom goes over 3 Medical Mytgs that are often regarded as "Old Wive's Tales". Doctor Tom goes over these three topics and whether or not they have any medical backing at all... Is your eyesight effected by how many carrots you eat? Is it true you should feed a cold, but starve a fever? Does having a drink before bed actually help you fall asleep? Don't ask Dr. Google, Ask Doctor Tom! Dr. Tom (Thomas Incledon) is the founder and CEO of Causenta Wellness, and the Causenta Cancer Treatment Center in Scottsdale, Arizona. Doctor Tom's mission at Causenta is to "Kill cancer once and for all with minimal side effects".
Everyone should own a garden Gardening brings youccloer to the earth, mother nature and, in turn, yourself. I'm sure a lot of people didn't know this, that's why this episode delves into that matter and shows you why you should own a garden.


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Staying Sane - Episode 21 with Josh Hartley Natasha interviews Josh Hartley, co-author of non-fiction novel 'The Boy Between' which details his experiences with depression. She also reflects on her appearance on Newsnight and why those who deny the lived experiences of people who aren't like them need to 'pass the mic, shut the f**k up and listen'.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
LIFE STRATAGIST Andrea Williams llc. Life Coach Strategist, Author, and Speaker Andrea Williams. Who is she and what is coming next!!
Book release Spring 2018 Living In The dark!
Booking a Hair Or Makeup Artist for your Wedding WHET TO ASK AND WHAT TO KNOW WHEN HIRING A PRO.