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Algonquin Round Table

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How they started and the sad way they ended. Continue Reading >> How they started and the sad way they ended. << Show Less
Algonquin Round Table The hilarious way they started and the sad way they ended.
Algonquin Round Table #356  Here's the story, and here's what broke them up.
What Would Dorothy Parker Do? Paul Cantelon and Angela McCluskey are back with a brand new episode, recorded in Los Angeles (USA). Sit back, and let them take you on a trip to Wonderland with live music and stories from their eclectic past.

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Episode 2: Dorothy Parker Dorothy Parker Dorothy Parker We talk about Dorothy Parker Dorothy Parker Dorothy Parker. We also touch on Geoff Dyer, Robert Burton, Ring Lardner and Robert Benchley. Also Harry Potter. 
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The Algonquin Round Table In the fifteenth episode of Dave Hill: History Fluffer, Dave tells Jim and Chris all about his time as a member of the second iteration of the Algonquin Round Table.
Recorded live at QED in Astoria, Queens on May 15, 2019.&nbsp;
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The Algonquin Round Table EPISODE 223 One June afternoon in the spring of 1919, a group of writers and theatrical folk got together at the Algonquin Hotel to roast the inimitable Alexander Woollcott, the trenchant theater critic for the New York Times who had just returned from World War I, brimming with dramatically overbaked stories.
The affair was so rollicking, so engaging, that somebody suggested -- "Why don't we do this every day?" And so they did. The Algonquin Round Table is the stuff of legends, a regular lunch date for the cream of New York's cultural elite.
In this show, we present you with some notable members of the guest list -- including the wonderful droll Dorothy Parker, the glibly observant Franklin Pierce Adams and the charming Robert Benchley, to name but a few.
But you can't celebrate the Round Table from a recording studio so we head to the Algonquin to soak in the ambience and interview author Kevin C. Fitzpatrick about the Jazz Age's most famous networking circle.
Are you ready for a good time? &ldquo;The first thing I do in the morning is brush my teeth and sharpen my tongue.&rdquo; -- Dorothy Parker
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