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#345 Two Days Until Age 68 This is a picture of my beloved car ... and I like my dogs.
# 343 Robin Williams - Why He Did It What I learned changes everything. This story has to get out.
#341 Bart and Muchie The love affair of the century!
Two Brothers and a Baby A family-friendly pet story. In Tail Five of Lance & Ringo Tails, the brothers have their first encounter with a baby. Lance and Ringo also share their perspectives, granting a glimpse into what these two really think of each other and their humans. Written and narrated by Bria Burton.

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Chapter 1 | THE KITCHEN CAT | Free Audiobook These are three stories that will delight your heart and soul. The little girl Ruth in the first story is very privileged young lady with everything she could wish for except,of course, for companionship. Her mother has passed away and her father is a very busy lawyer who barely notices she is there. But then Ruth finds a scruffy, skinny and mostly ugly cat; the cat who lives in the kitchen and cellars,hence The Kitchen Cat. Her attempts to befriend this stray despite insurmountable obstsacles make this story a really heart warming tale. She does eventually find the best kind of companionship but I won't tell you with who or when. Sarah's Sunday Out is the tale of a pampered little dog who wants to see the world and finally The Toad in the Hole is the tale of a somewhat selfish little girl and her lesson in seeing things from anothers' point of view. All are bitter sweet and all are delightful. You will be glad you listened to them. I know I'm glad I read them.

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A Super Smiley Adventure - Episode 143 The Amazing Cathy Bissell on Freeing, Flying, Feeding, Rescuing & Many Miracles With The Bissell Pet Foundation Did you know that Bissell, strong in vacuums since 1876, may be even more powerful in shelter pets? Cathy Bissell, of the beautiful Bissell family, shares her firsthand stories of her lifelong burning passion for rescue pets. She founded The Bissell Pet Foundation, and has raised millions of dollars to help dogs and cats with programs including Empty The Shelters, Feed The Shelters, Flying Shelter Pets to New Homes, Hurricane Rescue, Spay Neuter… You get the idea! If they can help, they are there! And, all the dogs and cats in the Bissell vacuum ads are real shelter pets! Cathy loves them all, and We Love Cathy! Listening to her firsthand stories will inspire you, give you ideas of how we each can help, and will just make your heart Super Smile. Cathy’s life is truly A Super Smiley Adventure.

EPISODE NOTES: The Amazing Cathy Bissell on Freeing, Flying, Feeding, Rescuing & Many Miracles With The Bissell Pet Foundation