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#345 Two Days Until Age 68 This is a picture of my beloved car ... and I like my dogs.
Comic Relief Three minutes and you’ll laugh. Who doesn’t want that?
#344 Kenny Loggins is a Great Dad Happy Fathers' Day to all the "Great" fathers out there!
Ep. 20 Against Captain America This week we are welcomed by another friend of the show for a full MatthewOnFire Sports Update. We chat heavy on the 49ers, NFL expansion, traveling to Denver for a postponed game, and also chat a little about the upcoming Wrestle Kingdom watch party as the card is starting to shape up.
Episode 38 - A Moment Captured - Toilet Egg Our Public Radio series "A Moment Captured," wherein our host/producer/star Marcus DeLeonlay takes a hard, condescending look at American life.

Science makes a leap forward with today's subject, who tried to flush an egg down his toilet.
redditUP 3: Robin Williams, Wi-Fi Hacking Cats, Dancing Baby Groot - Robin Williams, dancing baby Groot Smart collars that turn your cat into a Wi-Fi hacking weapon, China will install more solar panels this year than the U.S. ever has, what a kiss looks like from inside your mouth, well dressed animals with rap quotes, a dancing baby Groot, and a look back at the Robin Williams AMA.
Hosts: Chad (OMGchad) Johnson and Sarah Lane
Guest: Patrick Delahanty
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Celebrity Hometowns with Patton Oswalt For a special treat, Karen and Georgia sit down with celebrity guests to hear their stories, from hometown murders to personal accounts of mayhem to legendary family lore. Today's guest is Patton Oswalt.
Amy Poehler Amy Poehler (Moxie, Parks and Recreation, SNL) is an actress, comedian, writer, producer, and director. Amy joins the Armchair Expert to discuss how much she likes to identify as an outsider that worked her way in, how control is the dream state, and how important it was for Dax to do car stuff in Baby Mama. Dax & Amy bond over having a class warfare chip on their shoulder and how much they both rely on things in the future. Amy discusses the expectation for women to come at success with a sense of humility, how much her mom’s encouragement and dad’s attention affected her confidence, and the time she tried to be a third to Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet.
Ep.27 - Innovative impro - Ruth Bratt In this episode Olivier award winning Ruth Bratt takes us through the world of improv