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Two days till I’m 68 years old

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Over 65 and Talking
Just me and my dogs… Continue Reading >> Just me and my dogs… << Show Less
Two days till I’m 68.. Picture of my beloved car and dogs!
#345 Two Days Until Age 68 This is a picture of my beloved car ... and I like my dogs.
TOMMY BOY with Andrew Wegleitner I talk to comedian Andrew Wegleitner and we explore his favorite childhood movie Tommy Boy and find out if it aged well and share a lot of laughs.
Running Groups, Running Partners, and Why Running With Others Can Improve Your Running and Your Life Running groups, running partners....why should you run with others?It&apos;s true- you become a product of the people you surround yourself with, including in running. If you want to improve your running AND your life, you need to be in proximity of people who want you to be better, who believe in you, and who expect you to go to the next level.AVOID: Energy VampiresSEEK OUT: Those of different age, pace, and those with enthusiasm and a positive attitudePeople are triggers to our behavior, including exercise and overall nutrition and health. Who triggers you and how can you manage those triggers? This episode is sponsored by Outschool- visit for $20 off your first classes. Visit https://www.runningwithgrit for all things related to running after age 40.
Me and my son talk sports and make some picks. Teaching junior about sports and gambling. But we place no wagers, this is just for entertainment purposes only.
Quick Turkey day episode Just picking the 2 NFL games and 1 CBB game. Rock Chalk
Seniors and Parents This episode is created and produced by the Seniors We Love interns. It’s an interview with 3 high school seniors about how they would deal with certain situations as their parents age.  Their discussion includes hypotheticals as well as real concerns that they will face as their parents age with topics ranging from discussing how they would tell their parent that it is no longer safe for them to drive anymore, dealing with future housing issues and even how they would respond if the younger of their parents passed on first.  It’s hard to describe in words the process of aging and how it affects people. On one hand people know it’s inevitable and just a natural process of life, but on the other hand it’s still something people don’t really want to talk about at any point of their lives. You most likely don’t want your loved ones worrying about you, but the irony of it is that you will eventually find yourself worrying for those around you.