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#44: The Science of Happiness - Tal Ben-Shahar, PhD Tal Ben-Shahar, PhD taught the most popular course in Harvard history and helped give rise to the positive psychology movement with his research into happiness. He lectures and consults globally for multinational corporations, Fortune 500 companies, and educational institutions and has appeared on major television, like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Tal is also the Co-Founder of Potential Life, a company that provides leadership programs based on the science of behavioral change to organizations, schools, and sports teams around the world. Tal has a PhD in Organizational Behavior from Harvard University and has authored six books including international bestsellers Being Happy and Happier, which have been translated into 25 languages. This episode of The FitMind Podcast, as you might've guessed, is all about happiness. We talk about the hamburger theory of happiness, Tal's counterintuitive tips for finding true happiness, the most common misunderstanding about happiness, the #1 predictor of happiness, how to implement these methods and experience happiness during the COVID-19 pandemic, the relationship between wealth and happiness, what we can learn from the happiest countries in the world, and two things Tal would change about our society to help us lead happier lives.   FitMind App:  Website:
The Psychology Of Happiness (Ep005) Executive coach and happiness expert Stella Grizont explains exactly how happiness works, why it matters, and the steps a person can take to find it. Grizont was one of the first graduate students in the world to receive a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania.
From speaking to consulting to coaching, Grizont designs immersive learning experiences for organizations like Google, Johnson & Johnson, and Columbia University. She has also coached more than 1,300 high performers in 17 countries, with a focus on working with executives to achieve greater impact, meaning, and satisfaction at work.

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Links we discussed:

The Vision Generator (free from Stella Grizont)
David Cooperrider, one of Stella Grizont's former professors
Barbara Frederickson, leading researcher on positive emotion
Stella Grizont's TEDx Talk: The play instinct

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Science of Happiness: Scheduling Time to Feel Awe Feeling awe can boost your mood and make you feel more connected with others. Comedian Chris Duffy learns how to tap into it. This is an episode of The Science of Happiness podcast. For more, find the podcast wherever you're listening to this.