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Elvis - Movie Review

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Graceland Podcast - August 9, 2019 Elvis Presley Enterprises' Savannah Burkholder interviews Jennie Bradford Curlee of the Tupelo Convention and Visitors Bureau and Debbie Brangenberg of the Tupelo Elvis Festival in this special Elvis Week episode! Learn more about the Tupelo Elvis Festival and its plans for 2020 and much more!
Episode 2 Elvis All The Kings Disciples This Podcast explores the debate on the cause of death of Elvis.
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Blue Hawaii (1961) It's (basically) (or literally) musicals from now until the end of Elvis Presley's filmography, and today's is a pretty good one: Blue Hawaii! Art imitates life, and Elvis's Chadwick "Chad" Gates is back from two years of service. He was (mostly) faithful, but his relationship will (once again?) be put to the test as he's tasked with leading a group of young girls on a tour of the island(s). In this episode, we talk about songs we're surprised to find on the Blue Hawaii soundtrack, Elvis's island pals, and Angela Landsbury as Elvis's worst mom yet. Whether you "Can't Help Falling in Love," find yourself "Slicin' Sand," want to sail away to an "Island of Love," get stricken with the "Beach Boy Blues," want to take a "Midnight Swim," or hope there are "No More" of these phrases, grab a mixed drink and join us on island time for Blue Hawaii!
Baz Luhrmann's Elvis (2022) It's a Viva Pod Vegas / #HANX for the Memories special crossover event as we talk about Baz Luhrmann's Elvis, the Elvis Presley biopic! We discuss Austin Butler's portrayal of Elvis (and how he is the movie), Tom Hanks's portrayal of Colonel Tom Parker (and why he took the role), and Baz Lurhmann's novel take on the biopic via a new POV. We talk about Hanks's makeover and his level of "going for it," the movie's frenetic pacing and structure, and how it navigates around some controversy. We also wonder if Riley Keough would have fit in the movie and try to picture Tom Cruise as Colonel Tom.
Presley and Micah The very first episode of Elvis presley!