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Bye Bye Boobs

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Over 65 and Talking
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Bye Bye Boobs A truer than true story!
# 350 Bye Bye Boobs This is my real friend, Lynn's, real story.
Mind the Age Gap: Episode 7 - Botox, Boob Jobs and 'Enlargements' Would you ever have cosmetic surgery? In this episode we discuss what we'd get done and whether the Age Gap between Meg and Steve and Janine means they have different attitudes on the subject!

Is a Penis Enlargement more understandable than cheek fillers? Opinions are divided in this week's episode of 'Mind the Age Gap'
Boob Jobs, Thoughts on Coachella, Getting Arrested No.. we are serious. This week, you learn a lot about Lisa and Sydney. They talk all things vaginas, Coachella, plastic surgery, and getting arrested.
HIGHLIGHT: The Pfizer BOOB JOB There's been reports of people getting bigger boobs after getting the Pfizer jab!See for privacy information.
066 I Need Botox and a Boob Job My theory on "Freshman-year" friends and how it only gets harder as you get older to make great female friends... but you can.