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Kinky Book Club - The Story of O -Chapter 2 part 3 In this episode, Lady Petra and Saffermaster discuss the third   part of Chapter 2 of “The Story of O” by Pauline Rèage over an Apperal Gin  Cocktail The Kinky Cocktail Hour is brought to you by Motorbunny, the worlds most powerful saddle style sex machine. Save $50 using this link the show
Footgasms with Mistress Minax stay tuned to sexploratio with Monika for the explicit details about #NudeNoir coming from London to #SanFrandFreakshow at #thespeakeasy October 14th and 15th is the next episode. Did you know you could have an orgasm In Your Feet? You can learn how to have an  orgasmin in a shocking number of erogenous zones! Learn how to enjoy  #Footgasms and even #armpitgasms  with professional #dominatrix and #sexeducator Eve Minax who will also, discuss how to employ your sexuality and the sympathetic nervous system to heal trauma.    We'll learn how Eve"gets the kinks out" of her ever-so-willing "patients" in medical play scene. Plus the connection between the spiritual side of sexuality and BDSM and kinky sex #sexploratiowithMoika #kinky #footplay @eveminax @Paul Brumbaugh at edgestudios in #SanFrancisco
Feminization and My Sissy Maid Trio As well as spending an entire podcast episode talking about Feminization and Sissy Maids, I&#8217;m also releasing a new session for Prissy, my blushing Sissy Maid.

Mirror Training is an explicit session for oral and anal training with large, cock-shaped toys. Though you can choose to listen to it as pure entertainment, or a visualisation.

To celebrate this release, you can pick up the Prissy Trigger Setting for free with any other purchase. Just enter the coupon code PRISSY at checkout. Take a look at some of my favourite Sissy Maid sessions.


Welcome to Episode 9. I’m going to chat a bit about feminization, and then go into talking about the Book of Expectations, and how it relates to the three maids. For describing the three maids, I’ll put some space between Prissy and Pixie, by describing Margaret in the middle. Well, not actually in the middle. You’re not getting a tawdry threesome story told to you. Though I do love a tawdry threesome. Let’s get back to the point… but first, we’re going to start in with feminization.

Why Femdom Mistresses Love Feminization

I’m sure you’ve noticed that while FLR is definitely my focus, my fetishes are here and there and everywhere. And I definitely go through stints of really craving and loving a certain thing, while something else goes on the backburner. I would say that feminization, like really focussed feminization is one of those things. Now, if it’s someone who kind of handles all their own stuff, you know… just shows up that way or adds it in… or naturally just has lingerie underneath, and I get to admire it… that’s fine. It takes no emotional, mental, whatever energy from me to appreciate that.

Now if it’s something that takes a bit more on my part, like Prissy… who we’ll get to later, who is reluctant. But it is that emotional, and physical as well, energy poured into it. Now, many a time I will pour away, because it’s fun and it’s exploring and doing. But I couldn’t do that every single day.

Just being honest with you… but there’s very little that I could do every single day. Even in regards to the FLR, there are times it just needs to run. It needs to be this naturally submissive partner, and not someone that I don’t know… needs broken. In. Every day.

Other than drinking coffee and getting dressed I don’t think there’s anything I’m willing to do every day. And if I’m on holiday I don’t even do both of those.

Okay, so for feminization, I gotta admit, I do like all the different parts. You can give me the Prissy type who’s, you know, embarrassed and forced and whatever. You can give me the Pixie type, who loves it. Loves it, you know? The more… petticoats I slip on them, the happier they are. I have a thing for bells. Ages ago it feels like now, I saw this man. Still identified as a dude, dressed up in the most wonderful sissy maid outfit ever. And part of what got it for me were these panties. They were satiny and they were gathered in the back, so they nicely outline both sides of his nice round bottom, and they tied on the side with very huge, overdone bows. And you could see them because while wearing a skirt there are enough layers that you could definitely see these panties. And then it had bells, each side had these little jingly brass coloured bells. Something about that just sells it for me, constantly. If you ever want to, if you ever want to seduce me or someone like me, just show up in a pair of those panties. Nothing else, just those. That way you can see and hear the bells.

Okay, so I like that side. I like the all-in guy. I like the “Oh no, don’t force me!” guy, I’ll play with that. But there is another bit that I’ve totally fallen for, and it’s a bit more difficult to describe. And I think it’s because you don’t often run across this particular flavour. It’s the guy that he naturally believes that women are superior. Period. And when he has an item of the clothing on, let’s say something as simple as a linen robe, wrapped up in it, tied in a bow because who doesn’t love a bow, right? So for this man, wearing this bit of, even if not overly feminine, but definitely belongs to a woman clothing… he doesn’t feel disgraced. Not a bit. He knows he’s being honored, right?

But, here’s the fun little headfuck for him. He knows he’s not worthy, because he’s a guy. So, a bit of imposter syndrome I guess, going on there. But I like that. I have, across my play, run across a few gentlemen like this, and… oh, it’s just alluring, but it’s alluring in a way tha
Meet the Dicktator Mistress Cassandra: Femdom Interviews Today the ladies talk with The Dicktator. That’s not a typo. Mistress Cassandra is known for her love of chastity and all things that involve cock control, hence the name of her chastity training blog: Erika and Ms Olivia talk all things chastity with Ms Cassandra.You’ll hear a conversation about BDSM explorations, what makes someone a “Lifestyle Domme”, pain play, the difference between in session and out of session, and more, including what this Femdom does in her time away from controlling naughty submissives.
BBC & PussyFree with Naima the BBC Dealer I’m back! And I couldn’t think of a better person to share my return with than the ever amazing Naima.

The Free movement has become a ‘thing’ and it doesn’t look to be a flash in the pan either. Is this white male obsession with BBC and the subsequent reliquishing of hetero sex something intentional? Some say it’s just typical white men and their infatuation with both their dicks and . Still others think it could be anthropological. Either way this is a growing movement of men hell bent on jerking to BBC and giving their lives to black men with large penises.

Naima and I explore these ideas after a listener sent me an email asking just these questions. Now there is also an upcoming series of shows that will explore this as well with a free white boy.
EP 106 Letting my Wife Play Tommy is married to Megan from episode 99. Tommy, like most men, couldn't imagine seeing his wife with another man, let alone enjoying it. He was a virgin when they married and eventually opened up their relationship to experience other people. Tommy worked so much that it turned into a lot of solo play for her. And because of naughty texts on Tommy's phone, they decided to come out to family and friends about being swingers.Tommy's on Twitter at @aBeardedGunSupport this show and get bonus and exclusive content at 10% off your first month of professional therapy online at with us on Twitter, IG, & FB!Video of episodes: out Leyna's other podcast, "Leyna Nguyen, Unscripted."Shop Adam and Eve with code LEYNA and get 50% off a single item plus free shipping AND free gifts!Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
April's New Secretary Today's story April's New Secretary was so amazing that it needed two women to tell it. Jenn Davis and Londyn Kiss team up on this story of a guy who is bullied by the girl who bullied him into dresses in high school. Only this time, it's in a corporate environment.
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