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Dynasty Football Season 1

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Season 1 of our Dynasty Football League. Follow the ups and downs, hot takes, news and interviews from our first season Continue Reading >> Season 1 of our Dynasty Football League. Follow the ups and downs, hot takes, news and interviews from our first season << Show Less
DFL – Ep. 20 Draft Recap Hosts Jimmy and Kevin recap the first ever DFL rookie/free agent draft and discuss a huge trade that happened right after the draft.
DFL – Dynasty Football League Est. 2021 Ep. 1 – Short season summary and week 10 preview I review the current season standings and give a short review of all the teams in the league. I preview the 2 matchups of the week for week 10
DFL – Ep. 2 (ft. Bobby Smith) Dynasty Fantasy Football League Est. 2021 – Week 10 Recap – Preview Trade Deadline – Chat with Bobby about his season so far – Week 11 MotW
DFL – Ep. 3 (ft. Jimmy DeVito) Week 11 review, trade deadline and negotiations recap, interview Chubby Stafford GM Jimmy DeVito, Week 12 matchup picks
DFL – Ep. 4 (ft. Justin Konnerth) Episode 4 I review Week 12, interview Smile for the Kamara GM Justin Konnerth, look ahead to Week 13
DFL – Ep. 5 (ft. Kevin Rogers & Mystery Co-host) The final push for the playoffs begins with Jimmy and mystery co host reviewing week 13. Jimmy sits down with Kevin Rogers for an in-depth interview about his team and this season. Then Jimmy and Co-host go over the latest football news and look ahead to week 14.
DFL – Ep. 6 Regular Season Awards Preview Ballot:
This episode Jimmy and Bob discuss an exciting week 14, introduce regular season awards and candidates, look ahead to the last week of our regular season with major playoff implications at stake.
DFL – Ep. 7 Playoff Preview + Regular Season Awards This weeks episode Jimmy reviews the final week of the fantasy regular season. Bobby stops by to discuss the results of our regular season awards ballot and preview the first round of the playoffs.
DFL – Ep. 8 Championship Weekend (ft. Jimmy DeVtio) Hosts Jimmy Rosinsky and Bobby Smith recap an interesting first ever playoff round of the dynasty football league. GM of the year Jimmy DeVito chats with us about his round 1 matchup vs Taylor Swift's McLaurin F1 and looks ahead to a championship game vs host Jimmy (Run CMC).
DFL – Ep. 9 Season Wrap (ft. Andy Fems & Big Rich) Bob and Jim break down the championship and 3rd place games and put a wrap on Season 1 of the DFL. Commishioner and GM Andy Fems joins us to look at his season and what to expect this offseason and years ahead in the league. He also introduces our newest member of the league, Rich Mauritsen aka Big Rich.
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