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Episode 30: Hybrid Innovations with Allie Magyar from Hubb Hubb has been at the forefront of innovation and their recent Untethered conference was a great think-tank of event leaders to explore the boundaries of Hybrid. In this episode, we'll talk about all the things they've learned at the event and how we can think more broadly and strategically about hybrid.


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Allie Magyar, Founder & CEO of Hubb: Insights for Raising Capital vs Bootstrapping Allie Magyar is Founder & CEO of Vancouver, Washington based event management software company Hubb, who recently raised their series B funding for a total of $10 million. In this episode we discussed Allie's journey of founding the company and process of deciding of raising capital vs bootstrapping Allie is also a 2019 Portland Business Journal Women of Influence honoree and she talked about the importance of supporting underrepresented founders.
Transformation = Opportunity with Allie Magyar, CEO & Founder of Hubb One of the hardest hit industries during the pandemic has been live events. Allie Magyar, CEO & Founder of Hubb- a platform for virtual, hybrid and in person events- discusses how her team took advantage of this time to create opportunity in transforming the event industry. Allie also discusses the importance of taking time to grieve the transition as a leader.
Season 2, Episode 2: Allie Magyar, Hubb On Season 2, Episode 2 of theupperleft, we sit down with Allie Magyar, Founder and CEO of Vancouver, WA based Hubb, an event management solution and powerful business intelligence tool that brings innovation and data-driven decision making to the events industry. Hubb recently announced a $6.3M Series B round that was led by Five Elms Capital and includes follow-on investment from Oregon Venture Fund and Elevate Capital.

Allie is passionate about entrepreneurship and women in technology, and recently discussed her experience managing growth and pursuing funding as a female entrepreneur at the first ever Elevate Inclusion Summit in Portland, Oregon:

Hubb raised a $3.7 Seed round, including $140,000 at the 2016 Bend Venture Conference and $155,000 at the 2016 Seattle Angel Conference.
Faces of Marketing podcast: Allie Magyar, founder of HUBB Allie Magyar is founder + CEO of event tech software Hubb and owner of Dynamic Events. Failure is a word that no longer scares this serial entrepreneur, who thrives in the fast-paced world of events, tech - and cars.
In high school, Allie was absorbed in import car culture. Turning wrenches and cruising Broadway at all hours would accelerate to bootstrapping and putting on her own car show at 18. Though for a moment she thought she might be a music teacher, she quickly dropped her flute and was drawn back into the events world. Off her early success, she built up a 6-year career running car shows. At a pivotal moment, she found herself on the Portland Expo Center floor, $100,000 in debt at age 24. Nowhere to go but up.
In time, Allie's tenacity and passion brought her to lead two successful companies, and to recognize that if you're failing, you're learning: you can pick yourself up and achieve. Today, she shares this important message, using her voice to help change the conversation and make space for women in the tech and startup spheres.
Mission 4: Entrepreneurship and Changing the Conversation Around Women and Venture Capital with Allie Magyar Allie Magyar was born to be an entrepreneur. At the age of 18, she organized a car show, and two years into a job at Dynamic Events, she bought the company. Listen as the CEO of Hubb discusses gender disparity in venture funding, entrepreneurship and the art of saying no.
Virtual Events 101 with Allie Magyar What is the difference between a webinar and a virtual event? What is a hybrid event? With the event landscape changing overnight we have all adopted these terms. Allie Magyar, an event expert, shares the ins and outs of a virtual event!