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25. Blinding Light + BALLERCRAWLERS!™️ (John 3:19-21) (Feat. Andrew Rose!) Welcome on back to the Hangout! We got another piping hot episode ready for ya, just out of the oven! Come on in, sit down, and stay awhile. Today, we have very special guest Andrew Rose who came to hang with us and talk about John 3:19-21. We discuss what it means to come to the light, how the light exposes our situation, what sin does, and what the hope in all of that is. Come dive in with us!

Also, we learn from Andrew about how he almost died the night he met Trey and we get to hear him come up with some interesting fish. Then he gets to judge between two brilliant ideas cooked up by Trey and Austin in the latest edition of SPIT TANK. Check it out!

The Tim Keller Sermon Trey references --->

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Psychedelic Integration with Andrew Rose, Psychedelic Educator and Integration Coach “Psychedelics open things up and create opportunity. And integration is the work you do after to make sure you derive benefit from that experience.”

In this episode of the Mindspace podcast, Dr. Joe speaks with Andrew Rose, a very experienced practitioner in Psychedelic Harm Reduction and Integration (PHRI). He is a certified mindfulness teacher, formerly the director of programming and digital strategy at Mindspace, and currently the director of programming and content at Numinus. He now leads the PHRI program at Numinus.

He is also an assisting trainer at Fluence, an organization that offers educational programs in psychedelic integration and psychedelic-assisted therapy.

He also co-runs a community organization called Plant Parenthood, a digital community of parents who are interested in the intersection of family and the intentional therapeutic use of psychedelics.

For more information on the PHRI programs at Mindspace or Numinus, check out and

Andrew and Dr. Joe spoke about:

- What is integration
- What is Psychedelic Harm Reduction and Integration (PHRI)
- The importance of setting intentions
- How psychedelics can reduce the rigidity of our minds and open us up
- Examples of integration practices
- What you can do if you’ve had a destabilizing psychedelic experience
- The marriage between mindfulness, integration, and psychedelic experiences
07/01/21 - Dan Interviews W/ AG Ken Paxton, David Wohl, Kimberly Hermann, Angela Rose & Andrew Giuliani 07/01/21 - Dan Interviews W/ Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton, Criminal Defense Attorney, David Wohl, General Counsel for Southeastern Legal Foundation, Kimberly Hermann, Founder & President of Promoting Awareness Victim Empowerment (PAVE), Angela Rose & New York Gubernatorial Candidate, Andrew Giuliani
0355: Andrew Rose, OnStar Insurance Services New from GM: OnStar Insurance Services Sock Hop Night with PF and the Flatheads
Judey Bignell, Heather-Rose Andrews & Laura Mugridge (Cast Iron Theatre LIVE; Episode 30) In this epidode we chat LIVE at Sweet Dukebox with Laura Mugridge & Heather-Rose Andrews about their Brighton HorrorFest shows with music by Judey Bignell.

Content Warning: As always, listener discretion is advised. Some episodes may contain strong language/adult themes.

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WRA w/ Andrew Rose - PWA It Started With a Kiss **BONUS EPISODE** PWA commentator Andrew Rose joins originally us to talk about Friday March 12th PWA ppv on Fite but it became so much more. This is a great preview for "It Started Out With a Kiss" #youtube #applepodcasts #Spotify #australianwrestling #Vodcast #podcast #supportyourlocalpromotions Subscribe on YouTube for the visual version of the show plus extra features Check out all our WRA merch at All profits from the purchase of these products are donated to Gotcha4Life and Beyond Blue supporting mens health issues Support your local wrestlers by or Twitter/Instagram - @WrestleRadioAU @Beasteastman @toddy033 Hear over 8 YEARS of Where The Action Is, Drawing Heat & HeelingOut at Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Stitcher, TuneIn Radio...  it's FREE.  Theme Song - "Too Sweet" by U
Happy Endings Massagecast with Joy Eileen: Andrew Rose I found another old Massagecast This episode is with Andrew Rose a comedian I met at the Comedy Store. This episode was actually recorded at my chiropractors office.
Andrew Rose CISO NATS Podcasts with Cyber Leaders - Global practitioners sharing opinions and perspectives on Cyber Security & Data Privacy. Brought to you by Cyber Management Alliance. Visit us at
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