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Andy Dane Carter: Life, Business, and Real Estate On this episode of The Radical Company Podcast, Ryan sits down with Andy Dane Carter.
Andy is a business author, real estate expert, investment strategist, and entrepreneurial coach with a passion to help people succeed to their highest potential. In this episode you will gain insights about Andy and his background. Learning why Andy believes real-estate is an essential investment built for everyone.

Check out this episode, and connect with Andy Dane Carter:
Podcast: The Andy Dane Carter Show
IG: @andydanecarter

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#08 - Real Estate Investing - Andy Dane Carter - Author "100 Doors. Build Wealth Through Real Estate Cash Flow" Shares His Tips + Secrets Guest Bio:Regarded as a “real estate titan” by Forbes, with a successful history of helping others grow their businesses and achieve financial success, Andy Dane Carter has aimed his talents at assisting clients list and sell their homes. A highly respected expert in buying, selling, investing, flipping, probates and distressed properties, Andy’s vast experience provides an unparalleled advantage to those who seek his guidance throughout Southern California’s dynamic real estate market.As a best-selling business author, keynote speaker, YouTube series host and top-ranking business podcast host, Andy has built an enormous following over more than 11 years in real estate, which broadens exposure for his listings far beyond what most agents can imagine. Esteemed as a steadfast problem-solver and a local expert with global reach, he thrives on helping others achieve their real estate goals. With a passion and natural ability for digital marketing and content creation, Andy delivers personalized strategies backed by The Smith Group’s in-house marketing and creative team, providing the gold standard in marketing to each and every client.A native of Long Beach, Andy finds inspiration in surfing, yoga, and motorcycles. Andy graduated with honors from UC Davis and, while he is proud of his career in real estate, Andy’s greatest joy and accomplishment is his family.
How To Build A Brand That Attracts Clients And Cash Flow | Andy Dane Carter In this episode of the Millionaire Mindcast, we have a stellar guest Andy Dane Carter who shares his journey, wisdom, and insights on having a morning routine that wins life daily, why it’s necessary to have clarity in life, why Andy is digitally scrapbooking his entire existence, and the secret to creating a brand that attracts clients and improves cash flow! Andy Dane Carter is an investment specialist, real estate investor, keynote speaker, best-selling business author of the book ”100 Doors”, Member Board of Directors at Music Is Viral, LLC, Co-Founder of 100 Doors, and owner at Andy Dane Carter Realty Inc., an investment holding company that buys, sells, developed, and invests in real estate as well as a luxury brokerage. He is a real estate expert with a demonstrated history of working in the real estate industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Customer Acquisition, Microsoft Word, Sales, and Business Coaching. Along with his brother, Andy was raised by a single mom living poor. He started working when he was 12 years old and never stopped working until he felt burnt out. He later quitted his job and became a yoga certified teacher. Fueled by his desire to get out of poverty, Andy really wanted to start his own business and win it to help his mom financially. Because Andy always loves challenges and doing something new, he is constantly testing stuff. Andy found the real estate industry amazing. Being naturally competitive, he went straight to investing and flipping houses.  He learned more about it through reading books. He started with the first deal and slowly increased it moving from traditional real estate to scaling a team.  Andy became a pro and successful in real estate. Not just that, he created a social media presence as a gift for his kids and future grandkids. Presently, Andy has built an impressive and massive real estate portfolio and a successful digital brand, while committed to helping people thrive in their businesses, achieve a success mindset, and create a legacy! Some Questions I Ask: When did you start building up your brand online? (00:42) What have been some of the benefits of your brand and having that social presence? (02:07) How do you find that time for yourself in terms of the balance between the family, and the business? (11:14) What’s on your radar right now? What are you testing out that you’re excited about right now? (15:29) Where should people start? What is the rhythm or maybe the commitment or resource that they can plug into a path that holds a lot of weight and return? (24:29) What has been for you the biggest ROI in terms of how you allocate your time to social media and how much does it really require? (27:34) What are some of the boundaries you’ve built in terms of social media making sure that it doesn’t bleed over into becoming a higher priority over relationships or time with the kids or the wife? (29:53) What is your approach and philosophy to build a massive portfolio that creates cash flow and passive income? What is that evolving today? (34:15) What is your outlook on California Real Estate as an investment? (42:00)  In This Episode, You Will Learn: Andy’s 3 Fundamental Pillars of Life (08:25)  How Andy prepares himself to win life daily (12:00) Quotes:  “Start where you feel comfortable and then go a little bit faster, just a little bit outside of your comfort zone to start.” “Be authentically you all the time.” Connect with Andy Dane Carter on: Website Instagram LinkedIn Bulletproof Real Estate with Andy Dane Carter 100 Doors book by Andy Dane Carter
Why 2 Industry Heavyweights Joined Forces–Tim Smith & Andy Dane Carter on the Future of Real Estate If you’ve ever wanted to be a fly on the wall of an unfiltered conversation among two industry heavy hitters, today’s Tom Ferry Podcast Experience is for you.

I’m joined not only by Coastal Orange County Rockstar team leader Tim Smith of The Smith Group......but also investment property superstar-turned South Bay residential Rockstar Andy Dane Carter!

We cover a lot of ground, including:

-Why these two joined forces

-Their outlook for the future of real estate

-How to get listings in today’s uber-competitive market

-“The most weird and odd scenario” Andy recently experienced

-Why Tim still sees more opportunity in the ultra-luxury market


I’ll also give you 6 steps to create a defensible position in today’s marketplace. Don’t miss this one!
INTERVIEW: Co-Founder of 100 Doors - Andy Dane Carter This one is for all you real estate junkies out there! Amazing show today with Andy Dane Carter! Here is more on Andy Dane Carter Below! First and foremost, I am passionate about people and real estate. I am committed to helping people thrive in their businesses and investment power so they can be in alignment with their SUCCESS mindset. My UNLOCK NOW program is a platform to support your MINDSET with the knowledge that gains leverage in your true potential for investing in your legacy.
RG 158 - The Journey to 100 Doors: The Story of Financial Freedom w/ Andy Dane Carter I am super pumped to be bringing this episode to you, my listeners!!

Andy Dane Carter is in the house! Andy is a true blue legend. He is extremely passionate about helping people and investing in real estate.

We dive deep into how Andy is truly committed to helping people thrive in their businesses, and in real estate, so they can be in alignment with their SUCCESS mindset. His UNLOCK NOW program is a platform which is designed to support MINDSET with knowledge that gains leverage which leads to true potential.

His new book 100 doors is Andy's story from growing up in the dodgy neighborhoods in South LA, to now being financial free and stable through investing in US real estate!

Another CRACKING episode full with actionable advice on the future of an investing space that is surrounded by uncertainty.

Check it out!

So what are you waiting for?

Be Bold, Be Brave and Go Give Life a CRACK!

Also, get your hands on my new book. All proceeds go to charity.
Andy Dane Carter & Tim Smith Instagram @andydanecarter
Disruptive feat. Andy Dane Carter | The Daily Bread | Ep. 71 Disruptive featuring Andy Dane Carter | The Daily Bread | Ep. 71 In this episode, our California trip continues with podcasts, photoshoots, and more podcasts, AKA content, content, content. Specifically, we meet with Andy Dane Carter, Author of 100 Doors: build wealth through real estate cash flow
Andy Dane Carter || Episode #21 ||The BreadWinner Podcast We sit down with Andy Dane Carter in the beutiful Pasea Resort in Huntington Beach, CA to discuss real estate, non-negotiables, and disproportionate value.
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