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Ben Forsyth Ex Pro MMA Fighter in todays podcast i sit down with the very interesting Ben Forsyth

To discuss all things life and the transition from being a PRO MMA Fighter to life afterwards and redefining your identity
Episode #21 Ben Forsyth Ben is a former MMA fighter. He trained out of SBG Dublin and was a sparring partner of ‘Notorious’ Conor McGregor. Finished with his fighting career, but continuing his BJJ training, Ben now works as a content creator and coffee educator in the Dublin area but says he will always be a martial artist at heart.
#043 Ben Forsyth - MMA, Philosophy & Finding A Sense of Purpose Today I was joined by former professional MMA fighter, coffee educator and content creator Ben Forsyth. We delved into the demension of philosophy and spoke about finding a purpose and what's it all about. We also spoke about creativity, spirituality and our journey in life.
Episode 1 DeadLeg Podcast w/ Ben Forsythe episode 1 of the deadleg podcast featuring former mma fighter and coffee entrepreneur Ben Forsyth
#26 /w Ben Forsyth - Fighter to Entrepreneur This week the lads are having a chat with former professional MMA fighter and coffee entrepreneur Ben Forsyth. Ben has been training martial arts since a young age and has won a European championship and competed in leading promotions in places like the 3Arena.
We discussed Ben's journey to becoming an entrepreneur, coffee culture in Ireland, his plans to climb Kilimanjaro, his experiences with ayahuasca, fighting and his methods of mindfulness and positivity.
It's a great episode and if you enjoyed Ben give him a follow on Instagram @benpaulforsyth. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @howyanowpodcast.
E4: Ben Forsyth - from country Vic to the Carpathian Mountains Ben Forsyth was one of the first people I reached out to when this podast was first conceived. Partly because I knew he would likely be a willing participant but more so becuase and I knew he came from a strong enduro background and I was interested to know more. Ben has completed the Redbull Romainiacs hard-endruo twice and has a long history of domestic enduro riding including multiple A4DE. By Ben's own admission, the more technical it got, the better he did and the more he enjoyed it. Having been inspired by trials riders who crossed over to hard enduro, he got inspired to give Trials a go himself.

Show Notes:

Round 3 of the X-trial World Championship in Hungary:

Toni Bou (Repsol Honda) claimed his 65th X-Trial win in his toughest test of the 2020 season yet, as the referee had to look back to the second round results following two ties in the Grand Final. Both Bou and main rival Adam Raga (TRRS) scored 15 marks in a tense six-section finale before both going on to fail a challenging run-off.


Jack Price has signed with Vertigo:

Price will embark on a full campaign during 2020 both at World and national level on board his new Vertigo Vertical 300, which he is currently familiarising himself with out in Spain ahead of his first competitive outing back on home soil at the opening round of the British Trial Championship on 7th March.


Southern Trials Riders January Charity Trial Woodleigh:

Hi Everyone, great turn out at the STR Charity Fun Trial at Woodleigh. Forty one entries! Wow! The good news is we have managed to raise over one thousand dollars for fire relief! Thank you all so much for supporting STR and our effort to help those disadvantaged at this catastrophic time. Report and pictures to come in the next day or two. Give yourselves a big pat on the back!


Glenmaggie Easter Trial &amp; OMCC News:

There have been a few changes within the Oakleigh Motorcycle Club recently. The 2 day Easter Glenmaggie trial will be running as usual on the great Coleman property. However an AMA licence is required but will only cost you $16:50 per year. Supp Regs will be available early March. The Victorian AMA calendar will be presented shortly.


Podcast Stats:

I didn't have many expectation but we have over 1,000 downloads, and against the industry average we are about 250% against the average of downloads per episode. As you'd expect, most have been from Australia however about 15% are not so I'd like to send a special hello to our listeners from: US, NL, DK, NZ, GB, JP, IE, FR, SG, IT, TW, DE, &amp; CA!

I'd really welcome the opportunity to speak to any riders who are in other countries and can compare notes between trials here in Australia and elsewhere in the world. If you are willing to be a guest, we would love to speak with you. Please get in touch with us at

That's it for the news!

Please email us with guest suggestions and feedback:
#115: Ben Forsyth - Videography, Social Media & Content Creation. Ben Forsyth is a barista trainer, coffee consultant and content creator.
Ben was first on the podcast back in the audio-only days, now we get to see his handsome face in HD.
Enjoy! (Ben's Website) (Kevin's Website)
Move &amp; meditate with me:
#58: Ben Forsyth - Ayahuasca, ecstatic dance, leaving fighting and finding yoga. Ben Forsyth is a former professional MMA Fighter, current Brand Director of 8th Corner Coffee and dedicated student of yoga at the YogaHub.  In this episode of The Yoga Life Podcast Ben and I talk about his experience with ayahuasca, ecstatic dance, fighting and yoga.   If you find this podcast of value, you can support it directly by visiting Thanks to this week’s sponsors: OHMME Apparel. Men’s clothing with movement in mind, leveraging technology to minimise the impact on the environment. Save 15% OFF your order at with promo code “KEVIN”. Small Changes. Wholefoods, organic and eco-friendly household products, and fresh juice and smoothie bar with a zero-waste ethos, in Drumcondra, Dublin 9. No promo code... just pop in, eat organic and support sustainability! :-)
#32: Aaron Schultz, Zach Savage, Ben Forsythe Aaron Schultz, Ben Forsythe, and Zach “Savage” Waszkiewicz visited the Rock Town Garage after their trip to AIL at Woodward West and before we all head to the Blading Cup. We get an AIL report and talk about skating San Francisco, the death of Detroit blader Brett Urbas, and more.
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