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Listen to the best podcasts within the world of entertainment from 2021. Enjoy film reviews, TV show analyses, and all the latest talk about pop culture and industry news. Brush up on the most entertaining topics currently exciting the world with this playlist from Vurbl. Listen to the best podcasts within the world of entertainment from 2021. Enjoy film reviews, TV show analyses, and all the latest talk about pop culture and industry news. Brush up on the most entertaining topics currently exciting the world with this playlist from Vurbl. << Show Less

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Licorice Pizza Licorice Pizza is a freewheeling slice of life story about an odd friendship/flirtation set in the San Fernando Valley. Written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, the film stars Cooper Hoffman and Alana Haim (who play 15- and 25-year-olds, respectively) as they deliver waterbeds and embark on meandering adventures during the gas crisis of the 1970s.
‘Hawkeye’ Finale Analysis Feat. Director Rhys Thomas | House of R Hello, sweetie! Mallory Rubin and Joanna Robinson are sliding onto the ice to dive deep into the sixth and final episode of this ‘Hawkeye’ season, breaking down our titular heroes’ partnership, a certain crime boss’s MCU arrival, Yelena’s instant icon status, and more. Then, ‘Hawkeye’ EP and director Rhys Thomas returns to chat with Joanna about the finale’s mysteries, unanswered questions, and more. Hosts: Mallory Rubin and Joanna RobinsonProducer: Steve AhlmanSocial: Jomi AdeniranAdditional Production: TD St. Matthew-Daniel and Arjuna Ramgopal Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sammy and Dino Episode 9: Is That All There Is? Desperate to be seen as cool and not a relic of an earlier age in 70s America, Sammy gets into porn and drugs. A Rat Pack reunion gives him renewed purpose, but causes Dean to alienate himself further. As their time begins to run out, both Sammy and Dino are forced to contemplate what it was all for. By the late ‘90s, they’re both gone. We’ll try to sort out the incredibly murky legacies they left behind.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The Office Deep Dive Call-In Edition - Pt. 1 On today’s episode, YOU get to guide the conversation! Brian brings on listeners from all around the world to answer all of their burning questions, respond to their hilarious - and incredibly moving - stories about The Office, and spend some time getting to know the people who have made this whole thing possible. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Buddy Peace Xmas Mix Special! • Films To Be Buried With with Brett Goldstein LOOK OUT! It’s only Films To Be Buried With!An extremely special bonus episode for your Xmas day celebrations, as show producer BUDDY PEACE steps up with an exclusive mixtape just for you!This is Buddy typing so excuse me while I get confused with first / third person etc… Thank you infinitely to you Brett for the invite to make a special bonus mix for 2021, and to YOU dear listener for taking a leap into a very different kind of episode this week!I’m very grateful for the chance to put this one together - it’s a weekly honour to be a behind the scenes piece of the FTBBW puzzle of course, but it feels very cool to step from the shadows and into the flashy Xmas lights for this one! I really hope you enjoy the music - it’s a blend of original tracks, remixes and things I’ve produced for people, linked and layered with a bunch of magic sprinkles that I hope make it a really enjoyable listen. I give you a little spoken intro on here, and I mentioned that I would include a tracklist - there’s only so much room on the write-up window so I’ll see what I can do but always feel free to hit me up if you wish. I’ll include my links below but in the meantime, let me wish you all the very bests for this holiday period, however you engage with it all.Here’s to plenty more episodes to come, and a glorious 2022 for all of us. I say we just hold each others anti-bac’d hands and leap into the chaos. You with me? Let’s go… Love y’all XXXBUDDY LINKSONLINEBANDCAMPTWITTERINSTAGRAMPATREONBLUE MIND PODCASTBRETT GOLDSTEIN on TWITTERBRETT GOLDSTEIN on INSTAGRAMBRETT GOLDSTEIN on PATREONTED LASSOSOULMATESSUPERBOB (Brett's 2015 feature film)CORNERBOYS with BRETT & SCROOBIUS PIPDISTRACTION PIECES NETWORK on FACEBOOKDISTRACTION PIECES NETWORK on INSTAGRAMSupport this show See for privacy and opt-out information.
Michelle & Nayte Discuss Their Exciting Next Chapter! Michelle and Nayte are in love and engaged! This week on “Bachelor Happy Hour,” the happy couple stops by to chat all about their new life together and plans for the future. They discuss what life has been like since their engagement in Mexico, what it means to them to be the first couple of color to come out of “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette,” and how they found such a natural connection in such an unnatural environment. Plus, they explain the special backstory behind their first “I love you” and share when they are planning to get married! Then, in a hilarious round of The Newly Engaged Game, Michelle and Nayte reveal their goofy sides and show just how well they truly know each other. “Bachelor Happy Hour” has exclusive interviews every week. Watch “The Bachelorette” on ABC and listen to “Bachelor Happy Hour” the next morning. Don’t forget to rate and subscribe so you never miss an episode. Thanks to our sponsors: Noom: BetterHelp: Peloton: See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
144. LALA FUCKING KENT Lala in an emotional interview about the public ordeal she’s going through with her ex fiancé. In a very honest and open conversation Lala shares the shock of finding out, how she’s dealing, if she has plans to grow her family, and in lighter news- would she be down to be a REAL HOUSEWIFE? If so which franchise? We also talk about this season of Vanderpump Rules, how she gets away with getting in people’s business and how she would feel if people got in hers.  Produced by Dear Media
Episode #91 "Made in America" This is it folks the final episode of Talking Sopranos….and what better guest than David Chase to wrap it all up. Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa ask David a whole list of questions that have come up during the podcast….Is there really anything to the Rhiannon theory? Did Ralphie kill Pie-O-My? Is Tony alive or dead. It’s all in this final episode. Talking Sopranos #91 “Made in America” S7-E9. We would also like to thank all the fans who have followed us over the course of this podcast. It’s been incredible to take this journey with you and we love you all. We would also like to thank all our fantastic guests, the show just wouldn’t have been the same without you. We would like to thank all our amazing sponsors for supporting us and keeping the podcast going through a very difficult time for everyone. In closing a big thank you to everyone who has ever worked on the Sopranos and whose effort made this The Greatest Show in TV history! Cheers.Make sure to pick up Michael and Steve’s New York Times Best Seller WOKE UP THIS MORNING: The Definitive Oral History of the Sopranos. Click the link below or get your book wherever books are sold. out Michael and Steve’s live show Comedy and Conversations with the Sopranos. Saturday February 12th at the St. George Theatre, Staten Island, N.Y. Check the link below for dates in your area.
Below Deck: Fenders and Benders Below Deck finishes the charter with the drunk idiot real estate dudes, and Jake lets a little power change him. Will a threeway makeout in the hot tub put him right, or will he get addicted to snorting hummus before he even has a chance to check himself? Find all of our premium bonus episodes at, and get tickets for our Winter Tour at
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