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#187: What Is Causing Your Persistent Shoulder Pain (And How To Fix It) with Brad Beer Joining us in this podcast is Brad Beer who is an APA Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist, Founder of POGO Physio, best-selling author of 'You CAN Run Pain-Free!', podcast host of The Physical Performance Show, and also an experienced runner and triathlete. 1:08 Working with Elite Athletes 2:28 Common Trend in Injuries Among Athletes 5:05 Avoiding Injuries When you are Coming From Off-Season 7:57 Strength Versus Mobility 10:49 The Importance Of Fueling 16:37 Swimming Background 20:45 Why Does Under Fueling Leads To Bone-Stress Injuries 24:50 Swimmers With Shoulder Injuries 30:06 Injury Rehabilitation And Recovery 32:48 Capacity Testing
Interview with Brad Beer - Legendary physical therapist and Amazon best-selling author of “You Can Run Pain Free!" Today on the Doc On The Run podcast we're speaking with Brad Beer, legendary physical therapist and Amazon best-selling author of “You Can Run Pain Free! A physio’s 5 step guide to enjoying injury-free and faster running”.

In this episode you're going to learn about Brad's approach to decreasing overused injuries that plague endurance runners and long-distance triathletes.
265: Expert Edition: Brad Beer APA Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist & Exercise Scientist: 'Running Injuries 101' In episode 265 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer joins in on a Q&amp;A session with Physiotherapist Hamish Vickerman sharing around running related injuries on this expert edition. I sat behind the microphone for a Q&amp;A and generally look at all things running related injuries, prevention, treatment and myths. I was joined by my good friend and physiotherapy colleague from university days, Hamish Vickerman, founder of the Fasciitis Fighter, award winning device formulated for the overcoming of plantar fasciitis or fasciopathy and Hamish asked me a series of questions around running related injuries. You'll hear about the benefits of running, the most common running injuries that runners and triathletes incur, the scientific known causes of running related injuries, the role of strength and conditioning for runners and key tips on overcoming the top three problems that runners incur, which are bone tendon and joint related injuries. If you are a runner, then at some stage you are going to need to work through a running related injury. So here are some hints, tips, mythbusters and information on this expert edition. Show Sponsor: Patreon Membership Join the The Physical Performance Show LEARNINGS membership through weekly podcasts | Patreon If you enjoyed this episode of The Physical Performance Show please hit SUBSCRIBE for to ensure you are one of the first to future episodes. Jump over to POGO Physio - for more details Follow @Brad_Beer Instagram & Twitter The Physical Performance Show: Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter (@tppshow1) Please direct any questions, comments, and feedback to the above social media handles.
Property Investing Matters: 23-03-2021 - Margaret & Brad Beer In this episode of Property Investing Matters, Margaret is joined by Brad Beer from BMT Tax Depreciation in a live cross from Sydney to discuss the property market from the perspective of a Quantity surveyor - what are they seeing happening, what's going on in the world of depreciation and are they seeing any changes to buyer behaviour.
#31: Running Pain Free with Brad Beer (Physical Performance Show) Today’s guest is Brad Beer, who is a physiotherapist, author and the Founder of a company called POGO Physio.
Brad specialises in helping active people perform at their physical best, by keeping them pain and injury free. I work best with highly committed people who place a high value on their physical health & performance.

Brads clients include:
Mat Rogers (dual rugby international)
Mat Belcher 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist
Emma Moffatt (dual world triathlon champion, and Beijing 2008 Olympic Bronze Medallist)
Jade Nielsen (London 2012 Silver medallist 4x200m freestyle relay)
Jordan Harrison (2013 Australian 1500m freestyle swimming champion, and sub 15min swimmer)
Bill Chaffey (4x World Para-triathlon Champion)
Robbie McEwen (2x Tour de France green jersey winner)
Shannon Eckstein (8x Australian Ironman Champion, 9 x Kellogs Nutrigrain series champion, 6x World Ironman Champion
Alastair Day (2015 Kellogs Nutrigrain Ironman Series Champion, 4 x Coolangatta Gold Champion)
Caine Eckstein (2013/14 Kellogs Nutrigrain Ironman Series Champion, 4 x Coolangatta Gold Champion, World 24hr Pull Up Record Holder)
Geoff Wilson (3 x World Adventure Record Holder)
Brad Beven (AUS Triathlon Hall of Fame Athlete)
Jordan Mercer (2015/16 Nutri-grain Ironwoman Series Champion)
Max Beattie (4x New Zealand Ironman Champion)
Tim Slade (V8 Supercar Driver)
Matt Poole (2016/17) Kellogs Nutri Grain Ironman Champion.
Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) on the 2014 Brick in the Wall Australian Tour.

Hello and welcome to The FatForWeightLoss Show. My name is Aaron, and I’m your host for todays episode.
If this is your first time listening to this podcast, let me introduce myself.
Firstly, I’m from Australia (If you hadn’t already guessed from my accent).
I run a ketogenic food blog called Fatforweightloss, found at, and the aim of this podcast is to dig into the world of nutrition, fitness and everything in between.
I’m a Nutritional Therapist, and an Advanced Sports Exercise Nutritional Adviser. However, I’m not a doctor, so I cannot give you any medical advice. This also applies to any guest involved in this show. Please make sure you consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet or medication.

You can find me on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram @ FatForWeightLoss for delicious keto recipes, meal plan videos, and drool worthy food photography.

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Ep 28 - Virtual 5km Update, London Marathon Preview + BONUS Livestream Audio w Brad Beer Pogo Physio Zacca and Matt discuss how their training is going heading towards their attempts at the Run2PB Virtual 5km. Matt hits the track for some 400m repeats and Zacca attacks a tempo then 3min reps. They also take a look at the London Marathon, where there are numerous different races amongst the race. Including the battle between Kipchoge and Bekele as well as how the Aussie contingent is looking. 
In the round the tracks segment, Zacca and Matt look at the numerous great runs from the Run2PB legends and take a look at a few of their own athletes lining up this weekend over various time trials and races.
Audio from Zacca's livestream, Bone Stress and Injury Prevention, with Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist and POGO Physio Founder and Director Brad Beer. Taking an in depth look at a variety of factors about bone stress including tips for runners of all ages on injury prevention, biomechanical and physiological considerations for bone health and injury risk and returning to running after injury.
Show Notes
Run2PB Virtual 5k Event > Register:
Yarraville Running Company, shop online @
Run2PB YouTube:
Find us here at:
Review on us:
Brad Beer on Optimising Physical Health & Injury Recovery In this episode we are joined by Brad Beer. Brad is one of Australia's leading voices in athlete health and performance. Through his Physiotherapy practice, POGO Physio, Brad has worked with countless Professional and Olympic level athletes to help them bounce back from injury and move towards their potential. Brad is also the host of the incredibly popular podcast The Physical Performance Show in which he explores physical health and performance through interviews with high performing athletes and expert practitioners.An accomplished athlete himself, Brad has a rich perspective on the physical and emotional process of moving through injury and towards your physical health and performance potential. Themes in this episode include: Brad's experience with performance anxiety; the importance of strength training; bone and tendon health; stress fractures & considerations in choosing running surfaces; and the body's ability to adapts and improve.Follow Brad on Insatgram: Brad_Beer
Episode 10 - Brad Beer The parkrun adventurers ruminate over running events of the non-parkrun kind, including a couple of our personal faves. Sports physio, author and Main Beach parkrun regular, Brad Beer, gives us his top tips for injury evasion and running faster. And Tim Oberg is back to give us the inside story on sponsorship, the latest from Tribesports and a Sydney Opera House parkrun!
Property Investing Matters: 09-07-2019 - Margaret & Brad Beer In this episode of Property Investing Matters, Margaret is joined in the studio by Brad Beer from BMT Tax Depreciation. Brad talks about the new servicing rates,areas that are cheaper to buy than rent, deductions for investment properties, and depreciation on non-residential properties.
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