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Episode 13 - Interview with Cameron Skinner - Becoming a Superhero Recruitment Consultant The Millennial Recruiter is a podcast aimed at sharing value to agency recruiters to support them achieve their goals.

In this episode, I interview Cameron Skinner, Head of Internal Recruitment at Empiric, a multi-award winning technology and transformation recruitment agency specialising in data, digital, cloud and security.
We talked about what it means to succeed in recruitment, the 'rise of the geek', and how creating value for your clients and candidates is the most important thing.
Feel free to connect with Cameron on LinkedIn
61: Interview w/ Cameron Skinner - How He Earns 22% Annually Selling Options Every Day Show notes:’m just going to come right out and say it - today’s show is going to blow your mind. Not because we are talking about some crazy complicated strategy or options pricing model, but because we’re talking about a dead simple system for selling options every day that generates 22% per year since 2009. And what’s so fascinating for me, the host of the show, is how calm and cool our special guest is talking about his strategy. It’s just so mechanical and systematic it’s almost boring (well not for me but maybe some people might think so).In today’s show I’ll be interviewing an incredible trader, real estate entrepreneur and patriot. You’ll hear how this former Army Officer who served in Iraq in 2003, subsequently awarded a Bronze Star, used his “options” experience in real estate to start selling covered calls. Eventually he transitioned into selling credit spreads on the major indexes and continues to generate consistent income with an annual average return of 22% per year. So yeah, you should listen to today’s show - and of course forward it to at least 3 other people you think need to hear it right now.&nbsp;
194: Interview w/ Cameron Skinner Show notes: week I'm thrilled to welcome back on a very popular guest, Cameron Skinner, to the Option Alpha podcast. Way back on Show 61, Cameron and I talked at length about his consistent and religious process for trading options even though his "day job" as a real estate investor takes the majority of this focus and attention. Well, Cameron is back for another interview, and this time we dove even deeper into his strategies and how he thinks about risk and the markets. Please enjoy our follow up conversation with Cameron Skinner.
TCI 58 Cameron Skinner: Build Your Real Estate Empire! In this episode we speak with Cameron Skinner. Cameron is an accountant and tax consultant based out of Panama City, FL. He found his way into real estate by helping a friend who was building spec homes with his taxes. He realized there was a tremendous amount of money to be made and decided to partner with him. Since then, he has built spec homes, flipped houses, built student housing, apartments and townhouses. If you're interested in ground up construction this is the show for you!
168: Building Hundreds of Homes to Sell or Rent with Cameron Skinner Today we’re excited to bring you an interview with a savvy investor who’s done over 500 deals — Cameron Skinner. Cameron got his start with new construction spec builds in the late 1990s and due to the changing economy created an interesting twist that we know you guys are going to just love. This episode is packed with incredible, actionable advice that will leave you shouting, “I’m totally going to do that strategy!”In This Episode We Cover:How Cameron got started by partnering with someoneWhy he started with new constructionCan anyone build to rent?How to calculate capex and why it’s importantWhat exactly cost segregation isHow to get tax benefits nowHow many deals Cameron has done so farHis experience during the crashWhat you should know about how lease options workWhen to seek professional advice regarding the laws in your areaHow to know your marketDownsides of the build-rent strategyTricks for finding the best contractorHow he completed so many deals without picking up a hammerHow to keep an “investor mindset” to find the best dealsThe importance of finding out your skill setWhy Cameron has no employeesThe cost of tearing down a propertyAnd SO much more!Links from the ShowBiggerPockets AnalysisBiggerPockets CalculatorsBiggerPockets ForumsKeyword AlertsBiggerPockets MeetTax, Legal Issues, Contracts, Self-Directed IRA Forum CategoryBooks Mentioned in this ShowThe Book on Tax Strategies for the Savvy Real Estate Investor by Amanda Han and Matt MacFarlandBrandon Turner’s The Book on Investing in Real Estate with No (and Low) Money DownThe Richest Man in Babylon by George S. ClasonThou Shall Prosper by Rabbi Daniel LapinTweetable Topics:“I’m not worried about 20 years from now because I might be dead — so I want to take the tax benefits now.” (Tweet This!)Connect with CameronCameron’s BiggerPockets Profile
Sabrina Jalees, Ramon Rivas II, Eliza Skinner, Zach Sherwin and hosts Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher Cam and Rhea talk Chuck Palahniuk, "The Shape of Water" and shaving. Sets from Sabrina Jalees, Ramon Rivas II, Zach Sherwin and Eliza Skinner, and a chat with Mo Welch.