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Candice Puthawala Talks Stress and Disease, Leaving a Successful Career in Fashion, and Beauty Bar Chocolate Happy Wellness Wednesday! On this episode of the podcast, we welcome Candice Puthawala, founder of Beauty Bar Chocolate. Beauty Bar Chocolate is a sugar-free, raw chocolate bar that helps relieve stress, fights fatigue and balances hormones all while giving your skin that natural spa glow. It is made with hand selected super-foods, adaptogens and pearl collagen -- and it is delicious.

Candice's journey to her own chocolate beauty brand was far from linear. As a single mother who worked in the fashion industry for over 18 years, Candice ended up burnt out and plagued with severe chronic illness. Living a life of in constant high stress, led to her experiencing inflammation, candida, thyroid issues, and anxiety. In order to heal, Candice left the fashion world and decided to change her life -- starting with her diet.

Her complete mind, body, and soul transformation -- which she details on this episode of the podcast -- not only healed her chronic ailments, but led her to create Beauty Bar. On this episode we have a deep dialogue about her complete transformation from her career, to her health, and to where she is now. You will definitely be inspired by Candice's courageous journey!

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@awholeandhappylife and @beautybarchocolate

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Surprises from the Universe... feat. Candice Puthawala Back in February I made a video on my Instagram stories that serendipitously led me to Candice. With an instant connection through text, we decided to take our conversation to the airwaves! Join us as we discuss how to leave successful corporate careers to be entrepreneurs in wellness, as well as share some of our toughest life chapters and how we came out of them healthier, happier than ever.

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S2:E11 Candice Puthawala Founder of Beauty Bar Chocolate We bring you founder of Beauty Bar Chocolate, Candice Puthawala!⁠
⁠Her chocolate is filled with adaptogens and only the cleanest ingredients. Candice is a certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute for integrative Nutrition, and a certified Plant Based Chef through the Matthew Kenney’s culinary school.&nbsp;Make sure to listen through the end for an exclusive discount code for 20% off everything on the Beauty Bar Chocolate site.
"Taking a moment for a couple bites of delicious, adaptogenic-rich chocolate is wonderful way to slow down take a moment to breathe, find gratitude, and set your intentions."- Candice⁠
Beauty Bar Chocolate website
Beauty Bar Chocolate Instagram

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66. Sweet Transitions with Candice Puthawala of Beauty Bar Chocolate Today on Get the Glowdown we have the lovely Candice Puthawala of Beauty Bar Chocolate. Candace is a certified plant-based chef and holistic health coach, as well as the founder of Beauty Bar chocolate, making chocolates with natural healing products that are delicious and beneficial to your health. After working in a high-profile fashion career for 18 years, she decided to live her own life and do something for herself and to help others, which led her to start Beauty Bar. In today's episode, we talk all things life, fashion and chocolate with Candice, including: Her life transition from a career in fashion to starting Beauty Bar Combining her background in sales and health education to create her brand How she manages entrepreneurship with her daily life and keeps a balance in her life The adaptogens and ingredients she uses in her chocolates, and the benefits of each one It was a pleasure to have Candace on the podcast. We enjoyed learning so much about her life and her delicious chocolates and hope you did too! Also, make sure to use code GLOW20 at checkout on Beauty Bar's website for a discount on some tasty sweet treats! We have a Facebook group, and we want YOU to join! Grab your adaptogenic lattes and palo santo and head to our Facebook group:  “Get The Glowdown Podcast Babes”. This is a group for health oriented goddesses to freely discuss anything that their hearts desire pertaining to health and wellness. Head to the page and introduce yourself!  Raise your vibration:  Follow Get the Glowdown on Instagram Follow Sloane on Instagram Follow Anna on Instagram Join the Facebook group Follow Beauty Bar's Instagram Follow Candice's Instagram Check out Beauty Bar's website (use code GLOW20 at checkout)
58: Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable with Candice Puthawala Candice Puthawala is the founder of Beauty Bar Chocolate, a sugar-free, raw chocolate bar that helps relieve stress, fight fatigue and balance hormones all while giving your skin that natural spa glow. In the episode, Candice shares what her life was like in the fashion industry and why it led to her getting sick, what inspired her to become a chocolatier, how networking and sharing about her product landed her press and loyal customers, the ways she led the creative direction of her brand, and more!   To learn more about Candice Puthawala and the resources mentioned in this episode, visit the show notes.   Follow Me On: Facebook Instagram
Candice Puthawala: Healing from the inside out, grounding, and transitioning from fashion to chocolate! On today's episode of I Can't Wait To Tell You, I had the pleasure of interviewing Candice Puthawala of Beauty Bar Chocolates.On this episode, we discuss:-Candice's transition from an overly fast-paced fashion career to focusing on health, nutrition, and healing from the inside out-How Candice shifted her mindset to change her health-How Beauty Bar Chocolate came to be-Meditation and grounding and balancing work with rest...and SO much moreTo check out Beauty Bar Chocolates for yourself (and getchu some because it is DELICIOUS), you can head to and follow them on IG @beautybarchocolate !As mentioned in the episode, you can use "CaseyEdward20" at checkout for 20% off your next purchase!A special thank you to Candice for coming on the show, and thank you as always to all of you listeners out there!
From 19 Years in Fashion and Total Burnout, to the Creation of “Beauty Bar Chocolate”— Candice Puthawala Talks: Healing from Chronic Stress, Entrepreneurship, Discovering Her Voice and Manifestation. Candice Puthawala, founder of the sugar free, adaptogenic "Beauty Bar Chocolate," shares her 19 year journey working in the fashion industry with her young daughter in tow. Candice describes the moment her body began to shut down as a result of chronic stress and toxic work conditions—ultimately leading to 3 autoimmune diagnoses, which shifted her life in a completely new direction. This new path allowed her to go deep and re-connect with her innermost self, embrace her intuition and turn her natural skills and interests into a beautiful (and delicious!) new wellness product!
In this episode Candice also discusses:
⁃ Her experience going to Fashion School (FIDM) as a very young single mom
⁃ How she stayed true to her values / morals in the cut-throat fashion industry
⁃ Getting her own storefront and becoming successful
⁃ Dealing with low esteem
⁃ Her advice for meditation, and her formula for manifestation, including “letters to the universe”
⁃ Finding her voice through meditation, public speaking classes, therapy &amp; integrative medicine
⁃ Going to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy to find a new career path
⁃ Realizing her purpose; combining fashion and wellness to create Beauty Bar Chocolate!
⁃ The benefits of adaptogens and cacao (both in the formula of her bar)
⁃ Her skin care secrets!
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A Chocolate That Gives You Glowing Skin & Enhances Your Mood w/ Beauty Bar Chocolate by Owner Candice Puthawala This week’s Hello Beauty guest is Candice Puthawala, Owner of Beauty Bar Chocolate. Chocolate is hard to resist so it was natural that I was excited to have Candice on the show. After working in the fast-paced fashion industry for almost 2 decades and falling terribly ill by losing almost all her vision with her fingers in pain, she decided to shift gears and focus on her overall health and happiness. Through this journey of newfound self-love, Beauty Bar Chocolate was born out of the realization that there was nothing she could find that she considered a healthy treat. In this episode, learn more about Candice’s story in creating her very cute product that’s filled with wonderful ingredients such as Organic Raw Cacao, Lakonto Non-GMO Monkfruit, adaptogens, pearl collagen, etc. and to top it all off, Beauty Bar Chocolates is sugar-free!
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