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For Immediate Release Interview: Chris McGrath on TangoWork and Chatbots for Internal Comms Gartner analysts are warning businesses to prepare for the post-app era. According to a report in Computer Weekly, &#8220;Although users would continue to use mobile apps, the overall importance of apps in terms of delivering services would begin to diminish in the next few years, and bots and virtual personal assistants (VPAs) will begin to replace some app functionality.&#8221;
Chris McGrath, co-founder of intranet company ThoughtFarmer, saw the change coming and recognized the potential for chatbots in the enterprise. He is readying the launch of TangoWork, a platform for creating and deploying chatbots for employee communication.
In this FIR Interview, Shel Holtz talks with McGrath about the rise of chatbots, how they will enhance internal communication, the categories of chatbots, how Artifical Intelligence and Natural Language Processing enhance chatbots&#8217; usability, and a variety of other topics.
Resources mentioned in this episode:

* TangWork
* TangoWork Webinar: Why Chatbots Are the Next Big Thing for Internal Communicators
* TangoWork Webinar: How to Design a Chatbot For Your Organization
* LinkedIn Group on Chatbots for Internal Communications

Connect with Chris on Twitter at @tangowork.
About our conversation partner:
Chris McGrath is a veteran digital workplace consultant with extensive experience designing delightful enterprise software — like Tangowork, which he founded, and ThoughtFarmer, which he co-founded. Chris is also an avid kitesurfer and espresso aficionado.
Cannabis Legalization At Our Doorstep - with Chris Mcgrath - Episode 8 In this episode about the Cannabis legalization, I talked to Chris McGrath, George Brown’s vice president student success on how the college will face and adapt to this new reality. So, put your headphones on to know in which side of the street you should be next time you light a cigarette.
Attorney Chris McGrath LIVE on LI in the AM w/ Jay Oliver! 10.1.20 Attorney Chris McGrath LIVE on LI in the AM w/ Jay Oliver! 10.1.20 by JVC Broadcasting
Chris McGrath In this episode of The Haze, Peter sits down with Chris McGrath, Business Development Manager at Atlas Growers. Chris has been working in the cannabis industry since October 2017, initially working for one of Atlas’s joint venture partners. Now located in Edmonton, Chris has grown with the company, doing everything from web development to communications to trade show planning and much more. Chris understands the challenge of marketing in a restrictive industry and says, “you have to get inventive with your marketing strategies”. Atlas has been focusing its marketing on science backed information in order to educate their target audience – that is until they have products to offer!In the podcast Chris highlights the importance of cannabis production infrastructure and what that means in terms of quality, human capital and having a meaningful story to tell. You can connect with Chris McGrath by following him on Instagram and Twitter @myrceneman and following Atlas Growers @atlasgrowers or their website Like this podcast and want to hear more? Be sure to comment, subscribe and check out our website at
FPL's Chris McGrath talks new solar plants & bill savings in May A new solar power plant from FPL went online Friday, along with others around the state.
Chris McGrath, 5B, Revolutionising the Solar Industry with MAVERICK Very excited to introduce you to Chris McGrath (co-founder with Eden Tehan), who have developed their flagship MAVERICK solution aimed at revolutionising the solar industry - "We're reimagining solar energy deployment – developing cutting-edge technology that drastically reduces the time and cost of deploying ground mount solar." - check it out at you enjoyed this content, please give it a like, leave a comment, subscribe for more and share the video - it really means a lot to see your support coming in :)Smarter Impact is hosted by and produced by http://bravocharlie.globalBravo Charlie specialise in targeted video communication for impact investors and their portfolios, using marketing, business development, investing and production skills to engage stakeholders and amplify returns.At the apex of social change, we exist as the possibility of world leaders in business, politics and society being engaging, powerful communicators, and work to accelerate the transition of our world into a more environmentally aware, sustainable and loving place.Our best work is done with companies at a tipping point, with strong offerings, ready to launch into the next stage of their greatness.&nbsp; The outcomes of our effort are a more harmonious society, empowering people with the resources and capabilities to lead good lives.We specialise in:- Documenting your Impact Measurement and Management- Making complex businesses and technologies simple to understand- Coaching senior executives to deliver at their best on camera- Creating compelling pitches and content, to support Seed/series funding and IPOs- Crafting digital marketing systems, engagement and growth strategies- Capturing the passion of your team and clientsSupport the show (
Episode 40 - Chris McGrath Interview In this episode, Andrew and John are anything but the same. In fact, they interview Chris McGrath, the lead singer of Chicago punk rock band Much the Same. Chris joins Andrew and John in Magnified Studios East to talk fantasy novels, early musical influences, noteworthy European and Canadian punk bands, how a solo ukulele song ended up on a punk record, having dialogue even when you disagree, Chris’s faith and what a kingdom of God on earth might mean. And, of course, his thoughts on Red vs. Pink Starbursts. New record "Everything Is Fine" out July 26, 2019. Latest single "Snake In The Grass" available for download and streaming.
039: HOME BIRTH STORY - Being A Birth Nerd and Trusting The Process with Katie & Chris McGrath In this episode we chat with mom-to-be Katie about her journey to home birth, and the days ahead. At 39 weeks pregnant, she’s prepped and ready for birth day!And this episode has a surprise special guest - Katie’s husband Chris! He joins us for the call, a first for the show. We were super excited to hear from him and get his perspective on the whole process.Both were heavily influenced by The Business of Being Born, and knew they wanted to have labor and birth be on their own terms.A self-described “birth nerd,” Katie loves to dive into researcher mode. Their pregnancy was no exception. They searched their options for a local midwife and never looked back.Katie and Chris feel like old friends to us. The conversation was effortless, fun, light and empowering. They set a great example for doing what feels best to them and creating a loving, welcoming space for baby to enter into. We can’t wait to chat with them once baby is earthside!Show notes:The Business Of Being Born
057: HOME BIRTH STORY - The Jurassic Park Affirmation Birth Story: Part 2 with Katie and Chris McGrath In this episode we're once again talking with Katie and Chris McGrath on their home birth. Katie and Chris joined us on the podcast a while back to share about their pregnancy, homebirth plans, and how preparation leading up to birth day. Today we're following up now that baby has arrived!Back in episode 39 we spoke with Katie and Chris McGrath, parents-to-be, awaiting the arrival of undetermined gender baby McGrath.Chris was actually our first home birth dad to join us on the show. Since our first interview with them, we’ve developed a close bond with the McGraths. We’ve connected over all the usual things home birth parents do, you Star Wars, super heroes and Jurassic Park.We get right into the birth story, so if you want some background and all that led up to this, go back to episode 39 and check that out.There’s a lot of similarities with our own birth story. For example, Katie describes the experience as “pretty intense and pretty quick.”We get to hear first-hand from Chris about his role as birth partner and how he processed the event. There’s some really cool tips regarding having birth affirmations in the room as well.And they even had their dog with them during the birth! So pet owners who are debating what to do at birth time, listen in!Spoiler alert: baby turned out to be a girl. And baby Molly is quite the adorable ball of squish. So you’ll have to check out the episode page on our website to see for yourself! Show Notes: Being A Birth Nerd And Trusting The Process with Katie &amp; Chris McGrath (pt1)
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