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SPR Intro and Relaxation CD commercial Breakin all the knobs off with these HOT HOT HITS!
Star Wars Minute Adam Driver Quiz Rey fires up Kylo's saber to take on Snoke but guest commentator Kelly Anneken is the one bringing the heat on this quiz bit with puns.
Historical Hotties Talk Dashing Dashel Hammet Historical Hotties get into the weeds with mustache talk and pinkerton detectives.
Zoo Animal Sale Zoo animals, cheap cheap cheap! Superpunk Radio, all commercial free with TONS of commercials.
Lawyer… from the FUTURE! For "Terminator 3" Reels of Justice prosecutor time travels back to the case that ruined the world.
FREE Hysterectomy! This Weekend, ALL Weekend! Get some great deals at the Hysterectomy Outlet and Savings Warehouse!!!!!
Ramones Lyrics Get Syruppy and Nasty Molly weighs in on the meaning of the "She wouldn't do what I wanted her to" lyrics.
Which Right-Wing Nutball Rock Star Said It? (aka "That's Nuge!") From "Ramones of the Day," Phillip quizzes Molly on whether Johnny Ramone or Ted Nugent said which terrible, insensitive quote.
Boss Baby Theme Song – OSCAR GOLD The Theme Song to the Boss Baby, for Academy Consideration
Matthew McConaughey's Peace Corps PSA From "Worst Bestsellers," discussing how they used 'The Secret' to manifest MMCC into their peace corps lives.
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