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3 Keys to Next Level Leadership with Shawn Craig of Phillips, Craig, & Dean There’s a major difference between being great at leading worship and being a great worship leader. Being a great leader is what we dive into head on with Pastor Shawn Craig.  Pastor Shawn, member of the award-winning group: Phillips, Craig, & Dean, is not only an accomplished Christian artist, but seasoned in both areas of Worship Pastoring and as a Senior Pastoring.   In this episode we discuss the 3 things that not only makes a great Worship Leader, but an overall great leader. No matter what place you may lead in, this episode is full of content that if adapted to your context will take you to the next level!    Mentioned in the Episode  PCD’s New Album “You’re Still God”  PCD’s Site  Pastor Shawn’s Church - Crosspoint  --  If you like what you hear, please leave us a review! Also, feel free to shoot us an e-mail at & tell us how we can better serve you and your church through this podcast.  Don’t forget to sign up for your FREE 2-week subscription to Worship Online at!  The Worship Online Podcast is produced by Worship Online in Nashville, TN.
WMC Podcast – 0142 – Randy Phillips of Phillips, Craig & Dean Interview with Randy Phillips of Phillips, Craig &#38; Dean What a joy it is to bring you this interview! We had the distinct privilege of interviewing Randy Phillips of the Renowned trio, Phillips, Craig &#38; Dean. If you&#8217;ve been around Christian circles at all, you&#8217;ve heard them or you&#8217;ve heard some of their songs. As we [&#8230;]
Pastor Randy Phillips of LifeAustin Church and Phillips, Craig & Dean Pastor Randy Phillips is the founder of LifeAustin Church in Austin, Texas, and a member of the incredibly successful Christian trio – Phillips, Craig & Dean.

How was he able to grow such a successful church in a community like Austin?

When the record companies wanted more contemporary Christian pop music, learn how Phillips, Craig, & Dean stood up and made the transition to worship music.

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*TRAILER* Craig Phillips: Winner of Big Brother Series One (UK) It&apos;s been a while hasn&apos;t it? Well, there&apos;s two final episodes of Series Three of The Stress Sessions and here&apos;s the trailer for the one you all asked for with the one, the only... Craig Phillips!After winning the first ever Big Brother UK, and going from tradesperson to celebrity overnight, Craig suffered with a loneliness he&apos;d never experienced before.  The full episode is out on Monday 20 September, so make sure you give it a download and share then!  If you enjoy this trailer or any of the other episodes of The Stress Sessions, please share with friends, family, or anyone who you think they may help.-----------On a side note, I&apos;m not a professional in this field, nor do I claim to be. These podcasts are purely based on my own, personal experiences, and those of my guests, alongside some simple hints and tips along the way.If you are suffering from a mental illness, there are lots of amazing charities that will be able to help you by offering professional advice. You&apos;ll be able to find these here.
Phillips, Craig and Dean (with Holly Laurent) Holly Laurent (@laurentholly!) joins Kevin & Caroline to talk all about Phillips, Craig and DeanSHOW NOTES:Good Christian Fans - Facebook GroupGCF Spotify PraylistPATREON!Subscribe to our Patreon to get a weekly 2nd Service episode and become a "Patreon saint" ;)GCF - Second Service Patreon!CHARITY:This month we're matching iTunes reviews with donations to the Preemptive Love Charity! Leave us a review on Apple Podcasts and we’ll match it with $1. 2000 reviews = $2000 donated!Become a follower on social media:Twitter: @christianfunpodInstagram: @christianfunpodFacebook: www.goodchristianfun.comSee for privacy information.
Fourteenth Sunday After Pentecost Proper 17B - The Rev. C. Phillip Craig, Jr. Fourteenth Sunday After Pentecost Proper 17B
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50. inspiring the next generation with Craig Phillips, work smarter not harder and onsite banter. This week was yet another packed week on The Clive Holland Show– and you can catch the full show Monday to Thursday 2-4 on Fix Radio. Clive has been busy this week, talking the best trade banter on sites and how to work more efficiently on site with business coach Tony J Semili. He also went on to talk through inspiring the next generation of tradespeople with big brother star Craig Phillips. The big guy also talked us through the biggest work life regrets that people have made, with cognitive behavioural psychologist Enda Murphy!
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