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Ep. 147 CFB Preview and Special Guest Charlotte Hornets Assistant Video Coordinator Daniel Dixon Kick up your feet and take a seat for Ep. 147 as I get right into discussing a preview for the college football season and sharing some predictions that I had for over the weekend as well as sharing which teams I&apos;ll be paying close attention to this season (3:03-18:35). I was then joined by a recurring guest who shared some awesome insight into this past summers NBA Summer League, current assistant video coordinator for the Charlotte Hornets, Daniel Dixon (18:45-36:39)! Daniel and I get into how the summer league was for him personally but also the Hornets as a team, which players he sees having big years this upcoming season and so much more! Intro: 0:00-1:58 CFB Preview: 3:03-18:35 Interview w/ Daniel Dixon: 18:45-36:39Outro: 36:40-37:38
57: (Small Business Made Simple Podcast) How You Can Help Motivate Your Employees w/ Daniel Dixon Are you struggling to motivate your team? Gamification in the workplace could be just what you need to spark enthusiasm within your business. Today on Small Business Made Simple, Daniel Dixon shares how using competition in your business can skyrocket your team and culture. He gives us great ideas to implement in our own businesses to make work more fun and enjoyable for our teams!
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25: Daniel Dixon with Service Moxie & SendJim Episode Description: On this episode of the Firepreneurs Podcast, we bring on the CEO of Service Moxie, Daniel Dixon. We originally shot this episode for the March Marketing Madness series, but as many of you Firepreneurs and Entrepreneurs out there can relate to, we screwed up and weren’t able to produce the episode. So, we were fortunate enough that Daniel granted us some Grace and agreed to come back on. 
As the CEO of a software company specializing in marketing, as well as still owning a home service business himself, we ask Daniel a multitude of marketing questions that could help our listeners as they grow their business. However, Daniel’s story goes back further than his experience in home services so we also unpack his story and his service as a U.S. Air Force Officer. Veteran, owner of a carpet cleaning company, floor coatings and CEO of Service Moxie, we were grateful to have Daniel’s experience on the Podcast. 
E39 - 01-26- 21 FC4B with Daniel Dixon Welcome to Fight Club 4 Business.Fight Club 4 Business Goes Live w/ Daniel DixonDaniel Dixon is the owner of SendJim. SendJim Gives You Everything You Need To Get New Customers And Keep Them Forever As Raving Fans! We also have free tools that help with growing your business. Check out Revenue Buddy, the Exact System You Need to Set and Hit Revenue Goals EVERY Time!
Daniel Dixon Interview Kevin, Sango and Rijad interview Charlotte Hornets Video Coordinator, Daniel Dixon. Daniel provides some insight into the league and the Charlotte Hornets.
Are We Human, or Are We Just a Bunch of Sensory Inputs? What's the difference exactly? feat. Daniel Dixon, Co-Founder of Mixy Hot Sauces & Future Commerce v2: Conspiracy TheoryThe Killers have released a hot sauce collab, each named after one of their albums.Phillip used to listen to conspiracy theory radio as a child and was exposed to conspiracies about the X-Files being a vehicle to desensitize us to alien life.Elements of Disney’s The Mandalorian could be seen as a conspiracy theory: Baby Yoda, being cute in his vehicle by The Mandalorian’s side, could be allowing us to normalize putting our children in pandemic-proof bubbles.What Is Mixy?“It’s a place to get your brand out in front of new people.” - Daniel DixonMixy is a marketplace that helps DTC brands get their brand discovered by new consumers and incentivize those consumers by saving them money.Daniel came from the DTC world from an omnichannel sports nutrition brand. Mixy came from working inside of a brand and working as a consultant for brands—trying to solve the problem of encouraging consumers to try new brands.Mixy provides consumers with five $20 gift cards under the stipulation that they can’t spend it all in the same place, which encourages them to try new brands.Mixy solves challenges in DTC by bringing like-minded brands together and benefits customers in the form of discount without brands actually discounting.Mixy is bringing bundling, which has been done in the digital product space, to physical products.The Future for MixyAs for now, Mixy is only integrated with Shopify and would like to expand to new platforms.“When [consumers] think of gift cards, they think of Nike or Amazon… They’re not thinking of gift cards for great small to medium sized DTC brands.” - Daniel Dixon on how Mixy is getting consumers comfortable with using gift cards for smaller brands.Mixy is looking into expanding their product selection, currently adding one brand every week. These brands are curated and fit together to be mutually beneficial to brands and consumers.LinksCheck out Season Four of Step by Step, where we talk about competing with big brands as a smaller DTC brand.Read Phillip’s article on dead celebrities: Insiders #059: “Virtual Influencers Killed The Dead Celebrity”.Check out Future Commerce Episode 29: “Body Data is the Next Revolution”Subscribe to our new weekly newsletter, The Senses. If you have any comments or questions about this episode, you can reach out to us at or any of our social channels. We love hearing from our listeners!
Daniel Dixon - Ep.111 Daniel became the CEO of Service Moxie in May 2019. Prior to becoming the leader of Service Moxie, Daniel served as a military officer in the United States Air Force and worked in corporate America as a business consultant for a nationally recognized consulting firm. During his time as a consultant, Daniel founded a carpet cleaning business and really found a passion for entrepreneurship and small business. Today we discuss: Biggest issues in small business Mistakes when marketing a service business What should a company that is having issues with employees be thinking about
Are your employees driving you crazy?? Maybe there are not the problem with Daniel Dixon of Service Moxie Do you feel it&apos;s impossible to not just hire, but develop and grow the right staff for your service based business?? Its a question that  we get asked in our firm over and over and there are a myriad of answers. Every generation of employee from the beginning of time till current have connected with the people they work for and with differently.  Your customers and clients buy your services for different reasons, well so do you staff and how they react to not just each other but those that your company services every day. The true talent in management as well as leadership is to develop the strengths each particular person has and build upon it.  You have to treat everyone differently today, and I am not saying you have a favorite, but know that each person has a different value system and things that they find important. In Season 2/ Episode 41 we talk with Daniel Dixon of Service Moxie about the extra benefits your current and future employment prospects are looking for. Did you know that a current hire would rather be paid $40,000 per year and be happy, that $100,000 per per year and not. With everything things change, buying trends and talent alike. We go after example after example on how just a few things can make a massive difference in not just your culture, but in your bottom line as well. As always we want to thank for sponsoring our podcast!! You can find out more about Daniel at!! #Automatemotivate#SendjimDanieldixon#Servicemoxie#Employeemotivation#Robmlyon#servicewithoutexcuses#Podcast#Servicebusinesspodcast#Smallbusinesspodcast#Carpetcleanerpodcast#Disasterresorationpodcast#Smallbusinesscoach#Sotellus
Ep. 109 RTP Mock NFL Draft and Special Guest Charlotte Hornets Video Coordinator Daniel Dixon In the latest edition of RTP, I open the show with my own mock draft for the NFL, and share which players should go where in the first 15 picks of the 1st round(3:11-26:41). I&apos;m then joined by a returning guest of the show who always shares his first class takes on the NBA, current video coordinator for the Charlotte Hornets, Daniel Dixon(26:42-43:04)! Daniel discusses the ins and outs to this season such as his opinion of the play-in series this year for the NBA playoffs, his reaction after Miles Bridges&apos; viral dunk and much more! Intro: 0:00-2:00RTP Mock Draft: 3:11-26:41 Interview w/ Daniel Dixon: 26:42-43:04Outro: 43:05-44:15
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