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Episode 568 - Mr. Daniele Bolelli Mr. Daniele Bolelli is a martial arts practitioner and instructor from Italy. He teaches in CSULB and Santa Monica College. If all you train for in Martial Arts is to become a good fighter, I think you missed the boat. I think there's much more interesting stuff in terms of personal development that comes from training Martial Arts. Effective technique is certainley impoirtanant but it's not the end-all be-all of it.  Mr. Daniele Bolelli - Episode 568 Starting a journey early in the 90s without the internet and relying only on vague descriptions of what Martial Arts Schools offer in the yellow pages, might not be the best motivator at that time. It was not the case for Mr. Daniele Bolelli who just thought, why not? Starting out to train in Italy and then a whole world of Martial Arts Schools was revealed to him as he went to California, Mr. Bolelli had trained with a handful of disciplines and then now focusing on combat sports. In this episode, not only did Mr. Daniele Bolelli spoke about the physical aspect of his training, but he also shared his philosophical side. Listen to learn more! Show Notes In this episode, we mentioned OneFC fighter Sovahnnary Em and former guest, Tim Cartmell
#317 Secrets of Taoism and The Rebel Monk w/ Daniele Bolelli This is one of those podcasts I would recommend to ANYONE. In this show I am joined by my brother Daniele Bolelli: writer, professor, martial artist, and host of History On Fire and The Drunken Taoist podcasts. I brought him in to talk about a profound piece of literature that reveals deeper insights every time I pick it up--the Tao Te Ching. We go through numerous passages and explore their implications together. Along the way we make a slight detour, discussing one of my great heroes, Ikkyu Sojun. The rebellious, lascivious zen monk famous for the words “Throw me into hell, and I’ll find a way to enjoy it.” This podcast is one of the best operating manuals for any situation life presents us with. 


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Chat with Daniele Bolelli I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to sit down with some podcasting royalty!Daniele Bolelli is university professor, published author, marital arts expert and (of course) an OG History Podcaster.Daniele created the History On Fire podcast in 2015, which focuses on the most dramatic moments in history. His enthralling story telling skills and witty sense of humour was one of my inspirations for starting Anthology Of Heroes. In this episode we chat about what it means to be a hero, personal inspiration and philosophy. You can find History On Fire hereWatch the video of the interview here. See for privacy and opt-out information.
488 - Daniele Bolelli (Historian, Writer, Martial Artist, Podcaster) Daniele Bolelli is a writer, martial artist, university professor, and host of two excellent podcasts: The Drunken Taoist and History on Fire. He was born in Italy and currently lives in Ojai, CA. He's also a great dad and an awesome friend. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter. Find me on Instagram or Twitter. Please consider supporting this podcast. This Amazon affiliate link kicks a few bucks back my way. Music: “Brightside of the Sun,” by Basin and Range; "Civilized to Death," by Jack Stafford; "Smoke Alarm," by Carsie Blanton.
#10 Anthony Bourdain, The Intellectual Dark Web, and Creating Valuable Work with Daniele Bolelli Daniele Bolelli is an Italian-born professor, martial artist, podcaster, and author of several books including On the Warrior's Path and Not Afraid. He's appeared as a guest on popular podcasts such as Joe Rogan's, Adam Carolla's, and Skepticality, the official podcast of the Skeptic Society. We opened up our conversation by touching on the tragic death of Anthony Bourdain, then got a bit into Daniele's experience in losing his wife and having to raise his daughter on his own. We then went onto critically break down "The Intellectual Dark Web" and this new culture of niche tribes, and we closed with speaking about how important it is to not get caught in this spiral of focusing on problems we're against, but rather focus on what we're for, and the tangible solutions we need to create to move forward. Follow Daniele on Twitter at @DBolelli Order his most recent book "Not Afraid" here:
Daniele Bolelli: Host of History on Fire and The Drunken Taoist Daniele Bolelli of History on Fire and The Drunken Taoist joins me to chat about Italy, Conan the Barbarian, religion, and his process in creating one of the most popular history podcasts available today.

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Daniele Bolelli: History Lessons, Reality, and The Limited Mind Daniele Bolelli is an Italian-American writer, university professor, martial artist, and podcaster. He is the author of several books on philosophy, and martial arts, including On the Warrior's Path and Create Your Own Religion. He has appeared on popular podcasts such as The Joe Rogan Experience and Duncan Trussel's Family Hour and is the host of The Drunken Taoist and History on Fire.Bolelli holds M.As in American Indian Studies and History from UCLA and California State University, Long Beach, and did postdoctoral research in history at Cardiff University. He has taught various courses in the arts, humanities, and social sciences on subjects such as Native American history and culture, Taoist philosophy, and Ancient Rome.If something does not fit the parameters of our scientific concept of the universe, does that mean it doesn't exist at all? In this episode, we discuss the limited mind and the potential for experiences to happen outside our understanding of reality. Daniele and Shantih examine the way to remain open without being swayed by either religious fanaticism or scientific austerity.With your Patreon support, we have more time to bring on the guests you love. Become a patron at produced by Drumspyder -
#33 Friend of Bruce Lee: Daniele Bolelli This week we talk with Daniele Bolelli. Shannon first met Bolelli when he was interviewed for the documentary “I Am Bruce Lee” and later she was a guest on his podcast “The Drunken Taoist.” Bolelli is an Italian born author, college professor, martial artist, and has two podcasts, “The Drunken Taoist” and “History on Fire.” Bruce Lee came into Bolelli’s life when he was a 7 year old kid growing up in Italy. Daniele and his dad watched a Bruce Lee movie together and he was hooked. Bruce’s energy and personality as a movie star captivated the young Bolelli, but he built a life-long relationship with him by reading Bruce’s writings and philosophies. Bolelli is also a martial artist who starting his training at 15. He finds that Bruce Lee’s philosophies are helpful in studying martial arts and life. Like Bruce, he studied several styles of martial arts including Chinese kung fu, Brazilian jiu jitsu, boxing, wrestling and MMA. He currently prefers Judo because of the aesthetics of the big throws and the “ground game” where he gets to put Taoism in action. He says the ground game is like playing high level chess with your body and that it’s not just about brute strength. “If you dedicate yourself to one thing and one thing only all the time, then it’s not about life anymore, it’s about that one field…Anything you do in life should be at the service of enriching you as an individual. It shouldn’t be the other way around that you sacrifice your individuality in the name of this one field or this one idea. That’s missing the point.” - Bolelli The Bruce Lee philosophies that are most relevant to Bolelli are: “Research your own experience” and "Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, add what is specifically your own.” These concepts have influenced Bolelli's whole life, and also inspired one of his books called “Create Your Own Religion.” Similar to Bruce Lee, Bolelli writes down what he wants out of his life and his goals. He takes time throughout the week to write down ideas or thoughts, and this helps with his mental clarity. #AAHA (Awesome Asians and Hapas) Daniele Bolelli’s #AAHA shout-out goes to his 7-yr-old daughter, Isabella who is half Chinese. He is so inspired by her wise thoughts and ideas that he often writes them down and occasionally features them on his podcast The Drunken Taoist. He has been documenting her thoughtful ideas since she could speak so it’s becoming a collection of her own wisdom that he will eventually give to her when she’s older. She even has a Bruce Lee postcard by her bed. Thank you Isabella—we think you’re awesome! #BruceLeeMoment This week’s #BruceLeeMoment excerpt comes from listener Phil C. read the full moment online at “I was listening to your Steve Aoki podcast and his mention of the racism he experienced growing up reminded me of one of the two Bruce Lee moments I had: The first one was in junior high. I was sometimes bullied there. One tormentor was about to beat me but before he did, he asked if I knew kung fu. I didn't answer. He backed off, probably because my not answering meant maybe I knew some (and that I'm of Chinese ethnicity, probably helped, the stereotype working in my favour). The art of fighting without fighting.” Share your #AAHA and #BruceLeeMoment recommendations with us via social media @BruceLee or email us at
Highway Diary w/ Eric Hollerbach Ep 309 - Daniele Bolelli Video version Available HERE


Daniele Bolelli joins the Highway Diary podcast for the 4th time. We talk about social media's effect on mental health. Popcorn addiction, and Scientology.


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