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S1E92 - After Hours with David Bluvband Actor/comedian David Bluvband (@bluvbot) returns to stay up late and descend into the loopy madness that is Martin Scorsese’s “After Hours”.
WLHR PUBLIC RADIO | All of the Things | "The Jobs Crisis" (with Andy Beckerman, David Bluvband, Naomi Ekperigin, and Chris Quintos) "All of the Things" covers current events and news from around the world, and has been WLHR's flagship news program for decades.Today, Annia digs into the nation's pending job crisis and asks the hard question, why are shitty jobs so unappealing to prospective workers? Does this all portend disaster for the reopening economy? You decide.Starring:Anna Rubanova as Annia PontfifeAdam Bozarth as Stephen ZaddyChris Quintos as Linda JonconnerNaomi Ekperigin as Lucy ToothhammerAndy Beckerman as Jack SlackDavid Bluvband as Richson DickardThis WLHR podcast was written by Adam Bozarth and Anna Rubanova.WLHR merchandise is also available at&nbsp; you would like to support fake public radio, please visit&nbsp;;and become a patron today!;|&nbsp;;|&nbsp;;|&nbsp;;|&nbsp;
LEFT HANDED RADIO | 3.01 | "Why Not?" with David Bluvband, Frank Garcia-Hejl, and Alice Wetterlund On this episode: Christine Baranski takes over the podcast, Gary neglects his cheese boy, tourism commercials during Covid times, Celebrity Pod Save America, and a casting director has very specific directions for your audition.This episode was written and performed by Adam Bozarth and Anna Rubanova, with David Bluvband, Frank Garcia-Hejl, and Alice WetterlundOriginal music by Dan | | |;413-547-1055
BANKS ON HANKS | "Joe Versus the Volcano" w/ David Bluvband WLHR Studios presents "Banks on Hanks," a podcast about the films of Tom Hanks hosted by character actor Jonathan Banks.On this episode, Jonathan is joined by fellow character actor and cinephile David Bluvband ("The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel," "Hollywood," "Broad City") to discuss the 1990 Tom Hanks comedy "Joe Versus the Volcano," written and directed by John Patrick Shanley, co-starring Meg Ryan, Dan Hedaya, Robert Stack, Lloyd Bridges, Ossie Davis, Nathan Lane, and Abe Vigoda.With Adam Bozarth as the voice of Jonathan Banks. Produced by Anna Rubanova.LHR merch available at&nbsp; you would like to support the show, visit&nbsp;;and become a patron today!;|&nbsp;;|&nbsp;;|&nbsp;;413-547-1055
Supermarket Relaxation (with David Bluvband) Actor, comedian, and co-host of the podcast Sexy Spooky Teenz David Bluvband joins Rod to discuss the Russian and Jewish grocery stores of his youth, the culinary options of a particular stretch of Washington Heights toward which they both have a connection, getting high and wandering around the grocery store aimlessly, and the relaxing, meditative nature of grocery shopping. &nbsp;
Follow David on Twitter: @Bluvband&nbsp;
Listen to Sexy Spooky Teenz:
Friday the 13th (1980) with David Bluvband David Bluvband (Marvelous Miss Maisel, The Chris Gethard Show) joins the Lads for an inaugural tradition: every Friday the 13th, the Lads will discuss one of the Friday the 13th movies! And what better place to start than at the very beginning? You know, the first Friday the 13th movie!
16 - I'M BASICALLY YOUR NEAT CAT - Garfield from November 23, 1978 with DAVID BLUVBAND Nick and Lance are joined by comedian and actor David Bluvband (The Chris Gethard Show, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) to recap, rate and rank the 158th Garfield comic strip from November 23, 1978! We're also briefly joined by Bluvband's dad, who tells us a harrowing Garfield story from Bluvband's youth!
Bluvband is hosting a show called Alternate Movie History streaming on March 11 at 9:30pm eastern on the Squirrel Comedy Theatre Twitch channel. It sounds like it's gonna be a good one!
There was no show Monday, so it's an extra long one today! We'll be back on track next week!
Today's Garfield comic: November 23, 1978
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Episode 101: David Bluvband David Bluvband (Good Girl, TCGS) is a fun man with an interesting life. He shares many great stories and the birth of the Human Fish
S8 EP9: Reflections with David Bluvband Radley brings David Bluvband to TAO NYC for a celebrity-filled party.---PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND RATE US on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts.THE LAUNDRY PODCAST WITH RADLEY CAROLLA IS A FOREVER DOG PODCAST
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