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#7: An Interview with Kelly Dawn, Kelly Dawn International With spiritual connection and consistent routines, Kelly Dawn tunes into her overall vision. Through meditation, manifestation, and spirituality, she aligns her energy in a way that tests her boundaries and achieves her goals. In this episode, Kelly dives into how she helps clients tune out the noise through spiritual connection and build confidence. Kelly is an Intuitive Coach and Mentor.To learn more about this episode or the resources mentioned, read the full show notes here.If you’d like to connect with me further or would like more information about my 1:1 services, group programs, or courses, go to &nbsp;
Law of Attraction Magick with Kelly Dawn You can get what you want with the law of attraction, traditional magick and even mundane methods. In this episode Law of Attraction expert, author and witch Kelly Dawn details the Law of Attraction and how things that you don't ask for are the exact magical things that you need to allow you to just be.
Kelly Dawn is a Witch, intuitive reader, energy worker, and metaphysical teacher who has been practicing magick and exploring spirituality for over 25 years. 
After overcoming addictions, eating disorders, and severe depression, Kelly learned how to weave spirituality into her daily life, improve her mindset, and shift her energy to create the life she wanted. 
Kelly’s a certified Reiki Master in the Usui tradition, Holistic Life Coach, author of Awaken Your Inner Witch: How to Create a Wickedly Good Life You Love, and a lifelong lover of all things spiritual. Her writing has been in YFS Magazine, MindBodyGreen, Lifehack, and SHIFT Advanced Life Design Magazine. 
Today she works with clients from all over the world, helping them connect deeper to their own truth, enhance their intuitive abilities, and break through their limitations so they can manifest what they desire in their life and business.
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08 Kelly Dawn - Awaken your inner Witch (interview) In today's episode I speak with Kelly Dawn from
a true master of mindset and magick who helps witch's awaken to their true power and potential
today we discuss what stands in the way of our commercial success as witch's and owning our truth


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Coffee Talk with Kelly Dawn: SEXUAL LIBERATION & LIVING UNAPOLOGETICALLY Ladies, you deserve to have it all.Period.You deserve to feel safe & seen & celebrated & sexually liberated.No matter what belief system you grew up in or what you believe to be true about yourself-YOU DESERVE TO HAVE IT ALL.But you MUST be willing to let go of situations or relationships that are NOT in alignment.You also must commit to becoming the BEST version of yourself.You must BECOME the person you want to attract. This takes courage & a daily practice of standing in your power & dealing with your own shit.On today&apos;s episode, I get to have uncensored conversation with one of my FAVORITE WITCHES, Kelly Dawn.  We dive into what it looks like to sexually liberate yourself, attract soul-stirring connections & playing FULL OUT in your life.This is definitely an episode you don&apos;t want to miss!xo,Roddy*Connect with Kelly Dawn HERE**Early bird pricing for Soul Camp ends 8/29- CLICK HERE TO JOINSupport the show (
S E1007: Dawn Kelly On "The Nourish Spot" Dawn Kelly talks with Karen and Tonya Pinkins (@TonyaPinkins on Twitter) about how she started "The Nourish Spot," a health food spot in Queens, NY and how she turned a bad situation into a passion project that is now feeding people. #TheNourishSpot #ThriveThursday #KarenHunterShowSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Glow Girl Pod Crossover- Interview with Kelly Dawn- Episode 231 LISTEN NOW:

This weeks episode has it all: witchcraft, Lucifer, and badass women’s business tips!

We are joined today by spiritual powerhouse, Kelly Dawn. Kelly Dawn is an intuitive business coach and host of the podcast, Awaken Your Inner Witch. Oh yeah, and she’s Meredith’s ALL TIME IDOL!

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Owning Your Inner Witch with Kelly Dawn In this episode, Jacquelynn Marie welcomes Kelly Dawn onto the podcast. We talk about all things Magik... from stepping through fear to fully own your authentic gifts, understanding what Kelly's spiritual practice looks like, and all things spiritual. 


This episode has some serious 'taboo' topics from channeling lucifer, sex magik, blood magik and so much more! This episode will seriously satisfy your inner witch!

Connect with Kelly Dawn:
IG: @iamkellydawn
Podcast: The Kelly Dawn Show


Connect with Jacquelynn Marie:
IG: @xojacquelynnmarie
FB: @jacquelynnmariexo
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Preinterview show notes:
Dr. Dennis Thomas Holistic Veterinarian
The PR Legend Who Pivoted to Health and Wellness (with Dawn Kelly) In this episode of How I Got Here, Dreena welcomes Dawn Kelly, CEO and Co-Founder of The Nourish Spot Inc., a juice, smoothie, and salad bar that she started with her two children after leaving a 35+ year career in public relations and marketing. Dawn speaks on the importance of building and nurturing meaningful relationships throughout your career, the unforgettable people that influenced her life the most, and how she recently pivoted towards entrepreneurship in the health industry.Dawn shares the fascinating reason behind why she initially wanted to become an attorney, as well as what led her to pursue African American studies in college. She talks about the Myers-Briggs test that inspired her to learn about PR and land a job in the field with very little experience, as well as how Ofield Dukes, the first black man to ever work as a publicist in the White House, became her mentor. “If you believe you are worth more, you have to hold onto that and you have to be courageous enough to ask for what you think you’re worth. All they can say is no, but guess what… they might say yes… and that started my nearly 16-year career with Prudential Financial.”Dawn KellyShe details the benefits of bringing her family while traveling for work, noting the loneliness that can come with being a black corporate executive, along with the eye-opening lessons she learned from the people of Japan. Stay tuned to hear about the most fun, emotional, and ground-breaking moments from her career at Prudential Financial and why she attributes her momentum and success to her drive, perseverance, faith. Resources Mentioned:The National Association of Black JournalistsNational Black Public Relations SocietyNew York Association of Black Journalists Public Relations Society of AmericaConnect with Dawn and The Nourish Spot Inc.:Visit The Nourish Spot Inc. at 107-05 Guy R Brewer Blvd, Jamaica, NY 11433Give them a call: (718) 526-2099 Follow them on Instagram: with them on Facebook: About the Host:Dreena Whitfield has a proven ability to create tangible outcomes that helps clients exceed expectations. Her diverse career has led her to spearhead the communications and marketing efforts for leaders in the nonprofit, corporate and political sectors, as well as small businesses internationally.With more than a decade of experience, Dreena and the WhitPR team have a proven ability to spot opportunities for our clients to grow their brand recognition in saturated markets that are in alignment with their overall objectives.The Huffington Post listed Dreena as one of their “Top 25 African American Millennials in PR to Watch.”Follow Dreena & WhitPR on all the socials:@Dreenawhitpr & @whitprJoin The WhitPR Collective:
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