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Hey Girl Hey Podcast # 96 Feat. Kelly Diane This week Kim sits down with returning guest Kelly Diane as she shares all about her journey on the 902 mile  Free Them walk against Sex Trafficking and what is next for her organization Mona’s House. Y’all enjoy and support this amazing movement !
A Conversation With My Mom featuring Kelly Diane Gobiel I sit down with my Mom (Kelly) and talk about my Grandma, some of my Mom&apos;s history, and some of our thoughts on life.
The Freedom Fight Against Modern Day Slavery - with Abolitionist, Kelly Diane Welcome back to the "Be love, Spread Love" Podcast! This episode right here...POWERFUL.
I am honored to have had the pleasure to chat with the president of Ramp Global Missions, international speaker, humanitarian, teacher, author, abolitionist, and founder of Buffalo, NY's Mona’s House - Kelly Diane!
This woman is pure FIRE and HEART! Putting her all into the education, prevention, and eradication of human trafficking, her story and global mission is a massive inspiration to us all to continue to BE LOVE AND SPREAD LOVE.

Have an amazing day, and as always,
Be Love, Spread Love!
xo MBN

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LIVE WITH BLAYNE J WITH KELLI DIANE EP. 6 ​Wristlets, handbags, masks...she&apos;s got it all! California based designer Kelli Diane, founder of @kellidianedesigns joins us live  on @realishradio to take us from conceptualizing a design to having it manufactured and ready for purchase! #blaynej​​ #livewithblaynej​​ #KelliDiane​​ ​ #peoplebrandsbusinesses​​ #podcastradio​​ #realishradio​​  #podcastradio​​​​ #weregoinglive​​​​ #podcastersofinstagram​​WWW.REALISHRADIO.COMDOWNLOAD OUR APP
A Radical Yes feat. Kelly Diane Galloway Kelly Diane Galloway teaches us the power of “a radical yes” and how that has launched her organization, Project Mona’s House, into the national spotlight in the fight against human trafficking.&nbsp;
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Women in Leadership Episode 4: Diane Kelly Diane Kelly rose through the ranks to lead a segment of Florida Blue's operations. Listen as she shares a tip that makes decision-making easy, and what she attributes as most influential to her success.
Latinas with Masters Podcast Episode 5 ~ A Real Girl Boss with an Empire State of Mind ~ The Real Kelli Diane Join Christina in this week's power episode with The Real Kelli Diane! This episode is jam packed with entrepreneurship spirit, education advocacy and black women empowerment. The Real Kelli Diane does not hold back as Christina asks her the real questions about being raised in Pasadena, California, what motivated her to attain her master's degree in Marriage, Family Therapy and what made her drop it like it's hot to be a double major in Human Resources Management and Management. The Real Kelli Diane's journey does not stop there and it only gets better! She talks to us about starting her own fashion design label called Kelli Diane Designs, advocating for black high school students who's high school administration has failed them in providing equitable pathways to college and creating a powerful voice to be part of the largest women's empowerment network for soulful CEO's. She's an entrepreneur, a fashion designer, an education advocate, an author, a marketer and a real gem. The Real Kelli Diane will melt your heart with her sweetness but will rise up and stand tall when her community is being underserved with equitable opportunities.&nbsp;
You can follow The Real Kelli Diane @TheRealKelliDiane and @KelliDianeDesigns on Instagram&nbsp;


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Understanding Human Trafficking | Interview Kelly Diane By TeflonJohn | Episode 21 Show Notes/Introduction Human trafficking is the 2nd largest global crime after drug trafficking generating Over150 billion dollars a year. Listen as Kelly Diane gives us an inside look at human trafficking.  What is Trafficking Where and how does it happen What are the signs Who are the targets What can people do about it? What are you doing to fight it? How did you get involved In this fight?!?   Join The Fight  Like my Facebook page for more motivational content Click The Image Below
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