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Rise of the Machines: Talking Tooling with Elizabeth Churchill How will "smart" technology and AI impact work for humans? Dr. Elizabeth Churchill, director of UX at Google, talks to Lou about how she sees AI providing a creative counterpart to work done by humans, not as a means to supplant it. She discusses the difference between coordination tooling and skills tooling, and how both are primed to be invaluable components of the EUX toolbox.

We’re ecstatic to have Elizabeth as our opening keynote speaker at the 2017 Enterprise UX Conference. Get your tickets at or follow along on Twitter at @enterpriseUX.

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#53 | Dr. Elizabeth Churchill | Driving UX insights for digital tools In EP52 we have the chance to learn from Dr. Elizabeth Churchill, a Director of User Experience at Google.With Elizabeth we chat about the intersection of design and psychology as well as her approach on influencing product strategy from a User Research perspective. During the last years Elizabeth had the chance to work on many of Google’s well known software tools like Flutter, Material Design and recently Google’s new OS system called Fuchsia.During the episode we jump into:✅ how to she set’s up to UX research projects at Google✅ how interviewing people outside of your user group can foster innovation✅ the biggest mistakes digital products teams and startups make in their product design, strategy and research✅ how to do user research on AI projects✅ what excites her about the future of tools and software platforms when it comes to user research✅ tactics to create more empathy in your larger product team (e.g. workshop method called “wearing hats"✅ how to control the customer experience with cognitive science and visual designThanks a lot for your time and for learning Elizabeth!
03/01/2018: Elizabeth Churchill "Human Computer Interaction" Photos, reflection, and a transcript of this podcast are available on the SUU website.
When Worlds Collide: Designing social networking services that span physical and digital places by Elizabeth Churchill In this age where QWERTY communication and point-and-click are implied when I say social networking, face to face can sometimes seem like an inappropriate intrusion and unnecessary add-on — certainly something that we don't need to design for when we outline our services. I will describe a series of studies we did where we blurred boundaries between online and physical space social networking using desktop, personal device and public screen displays, and recent work on the move from online socializing to offline meeting among internet daters. I will use these studies to highlight the omissions in our design reasoning and concomitant surprises. I will more generally speculate on some issues that arise when we extrapolate tacit or explicit metaphors of online sociality to the offline world, and vice versa.
Master Series - Elizabeth Churchill Loop11’s co-founder Shefik Bey speaks with Elizabeth Churchill, a Head of UX at Google. Elizabeth has also been the Director of Human Computer Interaction at the eBay Research Lab, as well as having held senior research positions at Yahoo and Parc and she is currently a distinguished visiting scholar at Stanford university. They discuss Elizabeth’s background in psychology and path into UX via AI (1:33) then how she moved into he roles at eBay and Google (2:40). Shifting between enterprise and consumer research (5:25) and dealing with data at scale (7:55). Elizabeth explains what she does in her role of Head of UX at Google (8:53). The importance of recruiting passionate, interdisciplinary people to your team (11:55), then exploring the relationship between curiosity and passion (14:45). They then look into what is the appropriate balance between moving quickly, failing fast and ensuring you are moving in the correct direction (19:00) and how it relates to the experience level of the team. Defining the different types of research and how it should be defined (26:15). What designing for emotion means to her (39:00). The recent designing for machine learning systems symposium that she ran and what she found most interesting (47:44). Follow True North on Twitter or subscribe to be notified of new episodes.
Class v. Office: Balancing the Study & the Practice - Elizabeth Churchill, Google Elizabeth Churchill is a director of UX at Google and has worked on a number of projects, including material design. She received a PhD from the University of Cambridge in cognitive science and has since worked at a number of the world’s leading tech companies. Join us while we talk about how she has balanced the industry and academic sides of her career.&nbsp;If you'd like to check out some of the groups/publications mentioned during the episode, this should make it easier:ACMUXPAIXDAInteractionsPeeps

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