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Episode 17: Emily Knight INDEPENDENT RESTAURANT OPERATORS MATTER!!! is the message delivered by Emily Williams Knight, Ed.D. during this episode of the Corner Booth. Dr. Knight has recently accepted the position of Chief Collaboration Officer and EVP of Industry Relations for the National Restaurant Association. Coming off a very successful couple of years as the CEO of the Texas Restaurant Association and managing its membership through the COVID-19 pandemic, Emily has developed a keen understudying of the issues of the independent restaurant owner. Listen as she shares her thoughts of how the NRA can better serve all of us. This insightful conversation covers her comments on the challenges facing the independent operator and changes coming to the industry… a must listen!
Sticky Situation (Emily Knight) Check her out before listening to the story. Instagram: Emily Knight: Business Inquiries: myfriendseroticstories@gmail.comCheck it out on: would visit our friends from r/EroticaAuthor, storiederotica.Tells us a story about an awesome magical sex.Sit back and enjoy the story.This is our Friends Erotic Stories.Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
Finding Out my Sister's on OnlyFans {Blackmail} (Emily Knight) Short Sexy Stories: Apple: Spotify: of the Story, Emily Knight : Business Inquiries: myfriendseroticpodcast@gmail.comCheck it out on: this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
Uncommon Knowledge 9: Emily Knight on Death Masks Emily Knight, DPhil in Art History, tells us about the morbidly fascinating world of Victorian death masks, and what they can tell us about society, science, celebrity, and attitudes towards death.
Ep. 9: Emily Knight - Getting to Create Music with Children Emily Knight shares her experience of taking World Drumming Levels and Orff Levels and applying them in her classroom to create music with Children. Childcare Bar and Grill - Structure vs. Control I'm a General Music Teacher Facebook Page AOSA Facebook Page
FFP 091 | The Fifth Vital Sign | Fertility Awareness Method | Reproductive Health | Kelsey Knight & Emily Varnam Emily is a trained birth and postpartum doula, midwife assistant, birth control doula, placenta encapsulation specialist, and holds a degree in counseling and mentoring. She has been working with newborns and families since age seven and her goal is to be able to take women's hands during puberty and walk with them through every stage of reproductive health. She has been tracking her cycle for the past 3 years! Kelsey is a labor and delivery registered nurse in New York City. She pursued a nursing career in inpatient obstetrics and is certified as a lactation counselor (CLC) and childbirth educator. She’s also interested in documenting women’s stories. She completed a 12-week certification in filmmaking at New York Film Academy. In today's episode, we talk about Kelsey & Emily's recent trip across the United States! Kelsey and Emily recently took a 3-month tour of the States where they offered free reproductive health classes in over 60 locations. They funded their trip through a successful Kickstarter campaign, and I can’t wait to hear more about their travels! Topics discussed in today's episode What inspired Kelsey and Emily to pack up and travel across the United States to teach reproductive health classes? What was their experience like connecting with so many women in so many different communities sharing reproductive health information? Why they continued their quest even after being robbed and left with nothing but the clothes on their back The incredible kindness they experienced along their journey Why is it important for women to have access to information about their reproductive health? How to reconcile the joy of learning this amazing information with the grief of not having learned it earlier What is a birth control doula? Why isn't menstrual pain taken that seriously by the medical community? The issue of access that many women face when seeking important services and information Understanding and advocating for your rights Connect with Kelsey & Emily You can connect with Kelsey & Emily on their website and on Facebook & Twitter Resources mentioned 5th Vital Sign | Kelsey Knight & Emily Varnam FFP 021 | What Hormonal Contraceptives Really do to Women | Sweetening the Pill | Holly Grigg-Spall Join the community! Find us on the Fertility Friday Facebook Fan Page Subscribe to the Fertility Friday Podcast on iTunes! Music Credit: Intro/Outro music Produced by J-Gantic
Dr Emily Knight Texas Restaurant Association Chief Executive Officer
Episode 200- GCL with Emily Knight President and CEO of Texas Restaurant Association, Emily Knight, Joins us on a call to touch up on the current Worldwide Pandemic
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