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Millie Winstead, Yonna Smith & Emily Funk Joined Keith Smith & Jerry Miller On “Real Talk!" Millie Winstead, Director of Development for the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, Emily Funk, Client Care Coordinator/Administrative Manager at YES Realty Partners, and Yonna Smith of The YES Team Realtors joined Keith Smith and me on “Real Talk: An Insider’s Guide To Real Estate In Central Virginia” powered by The YES Team Realtors!

We discussed the great work the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank does in our community.

Join our YES Realty Partners team on Sunday, July 25 from 12-3 pm at Studio IX on the lawn by Brazos Tacos as we host a special Community Outreach Event! This event will benefit the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank! When we stand together, hunger doesn’t stand a chance and every $1 raised helps provide four meals!!! #HungerHero #BetterTogether

You can make donations online at

“Real Talk” airs every Tuesday and Friday from 10:15 am – 11 am on The I Love CVille Network!

“Real Talk” is presented by Charlottesville Settlement Company, LLC, Pearl Certification, Intrastate Inc., Scott Morris – Home Loans and Dairy Market.
007: It's Never Too Late for a New Dream with Emily Chase Smith of Chase Smith Press Who says just because you get a law degree you need to be chained to a life of pantsuits and working 9-9 for the rest of your life? Today's guest Emily Chase Smith of Smith Chase Press realized pretty quickly in her 20s that her and law were a terrible fit. As fate would have it, she was forced to explore what she wanted to do when she and her then husband moved to Prague and she was suddenly unable to practice the career she had spent so many years working towards. Tune in to this week's episode to hear how this powerhouse of a woman made - not just one, but many leaps from law, to consulting work, to speaker and now author and coach and her words of wisdom on how you can do the same! In this episode, she'll be sharing: How after realizing she didn’t want to continue a career in law, she found the permission to start dreaming of a new career during her time living in Prague as she began listening to various podcasts and reading books like Dan Miller’s 48 Days to the Work You Love. Worked as a bankruptcy attorney after she moved back and that morphed into consultant for small businesses about their finances.  Seeing the same pattern and that’s when she started speaking and wrote her book, The Financially Savvy Entrepreneur How, even though she enjoyed the freedom of being a consultant and speaker, she was challenged to relook at her life when her friend asked the big question, “Is this really what you want to be doing with your life,” leading her back to one of her oldest passions of writing, and how she was able to turn that passion into her next career. For full show notes + links to resources visit
Lez Talk About Books, Baby! An Interview with Emily Smith Check out the latest podcast interview with the awesome and energetic author, Emily Smith.
Values: Emily Smith interview On Score Values this week, Sean Anderson was joined by Female Strong co-founder Emily Smith to discuss the organization's upcoming 2021-2022 YEA! (Young Entrepreneurs Academy) program.See for privacy information.
George Washington Hair (Guest Hosts - Emily Smith and Michelle Granger) On this weeks episode.....

We have a pod takeover, as Emily Smith and Michelle Granger fill in for Dave and Selina

Jo and Emily graduate i-drive than celebrate with a day at Disney

What would your game piece be in an Orlando themed monopoly match.

Every DMC in Orlando is bringing on new staff, what does that mean for the local industry?

Chicken Wings might be experiencing a shortage, but plenty of football is on its way

Emily’s Smith knowledge of the Olympics helps move Sportsball along in Selina’s absence.

And was Jo’s Olympic passion to be a gymnast or a synchronized swimmer, don’t worry we will tell you

All this, plus we preview some of the big August networking events on our Industry Calendar, brought to you by Paradigm Party Band
Humans in Tune Emily Smith Ombudsman Program The word Ombudsman (om-budz-man) means “a person who speaks on behalf of another.” The Ombudsman Program is a federally mandated program that provides advocacy to residents who live in nursing homes. We place trained volunteers into nursing homes to help residents maintain and improve their quality of life by helping ensure their rights are preserved and respected. For residents who hesitate to speak even to the ombudsman about a problem, our volunteers have the advantage of being able to build a relationship over time.

We also answer questions about long term care issues, how to pay for a nursing home stay and choosing the right home.

Learn more at
“Such Monstrous Births” by Emily Smith, Read by Ciro Faienza In this episode of the Strange Horizons podcast, editor Ciro Faienza presents Emily Smith's  “Such Monstrous Births.” You can read the full text of the poem and more about Emily here.
February 22, 2021 - Danielle Smith, Emily Lakdawalla With their pastor still sitting in jail for defying public health orders, congregants at GraceLife Church west of Edmonton packed the house to capacity yet again Sunday morning. Ryan reviews some of the messaging from the pulpit, and reads emails describing how Real Talkers would respond to the situation. Now-former talk show host Danielle Smith walked away from a prominent radio gig on Friday, and joins Ryan for an exclusive one-on-one. She explains why she resigned, shares her assessment of public discourse these days, discusses some of her more controversial moments on the radio, and divulges whether or not she's considering a return to politics. A few days after NASA's Perseverance rover landed successfully on Mars, planetary biologist Emily Lakdawalla explains what we've learned out of the gates, and what she's most looking forward to seeing in the months and years to come. Plus, it's Monday, so we get our week started on the right foot with another inspiring edition of Positive Reflections, presented by Kuby Energy!

37:50 - Danielle Smith
1:38:25 - Emily Lakdawalla
Emily Smith - Continuous Care Retirement Community - What Are Your Options? If you think that retirement communities are for people who believe that their best days are behind them, think again. There are many misconceptions around continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs), including who they’re for, what services they provide, and how much they cost. These preconceived notions can put many people off from considering them, but they could be a desirable option for your future.CCRCs are an increasingly popular choice for people transitioning into retirement. We wanted to find out more about these communities, so we invited Emily Smith, Director of Sales and Marketing at Glenaire retirement community, to join us and to answer some of our CCRC questions.Emily has been in the retirement community industry for over 20 years and has seen it evolve to meet residents’ wider needs. She’s champions CCRCs as a fantastic solution for retirees looking for an easier way of living while still enjoying their independence. In this episode, Emily provides an overview of what you need to know about CCRCs and why you should consider them as a retirement option.In this episode, find out:What a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) isWhat’s included in the five different CCRC contractsWhy you shouldn’t hesitate to join a waitlistHow diagnoses can affect applicationsWhen to consider moving into a CCRCHow CCRCs are evolving to meet a wider range of health and dietary requirementsWhat options there are for spouses and joint applicantsHow your long-term care insurance works within a CCRCTweetable Quotes:“There is a price for peace of mind, it turns out. Because in our case, that's really what our residents are buying into is that peace of mind knowing that their care needs would be met for life.”“At Glenaire the age requirement [to move in] is 62. And if you're a couple, the first person has to be 62, and the second person has to be at least 58. But because of our long waitlist times, we do have people that have started joining the waitlist in their 50s.”“There really are no hidden fees for our residents. The monthly fee includes everything except their internet.”Important Links & MentionsGlenaire’s websiteCall Glenaire on (800) 225-9573Text the Secure Your Retirement hotline with your questions on +1 (984) 207-1753Resources:If you are in or nearing retirement and you want to gain clarity on what questions you should be asking, learn what the biggest retirement myths are, and identify what you can do to achieve peace of mind for your retirement, get started today by requesting our complimentary video course, Four Steps to Secure Your Retirement!To access the course, simply visit receive our free book, Get Off the Retirement Rollercoaster, leave a 5-star rating review on Apple Podcasts and send a screenshot to
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